JaeDy Love Story


this Vid is made by PrettyMargret

it is so love!


makes me giggle and cry at the same time. TT


NightBloods : The Four Clan Warriors

The Four Clan Warriors
by lilies_009


The higher Kindom’s round table sat a glazed as the moon shined on it as if supported by its four great stars
This will be the night that the four silent clans will meet
it was something that no one in any clan would like to befall
yet they knew it will somehow come
and soon will be realized

the hunting will be doubled
the wounded will be crippled
and yet there was hope….
las the four clans will put forward
introducing one of their own

Are they ready?
Will they accept the path that has been chosen for them?
Will they be able to follow their own destiny?
Even if it meant dying?
Even if it meant killing……
Their enemies?
Their friends?
Their love?

Like a star [Byul] Feat. JaeDy [Jaejoong&Dara]

edited vers. [more effect but has lesser definition/quality

or the first edited vid which has less effect but HD quality

i cried watching this…

lol which isn’t supposed to happen because i was the one who edited and made it

but gawd… i was bawling..

sorry for hurting jaedy again…huhuhu