True Test

True test _Epilogue


Warning: Jaedy lovely mushiness up ahead. And I never really try hard writing this one so pardon me with the shallowness… hehehhe just enjoy Jaedy love ok?


Dara groaned from her bed hearing her mobile phone suddenly ringing.
“Unnie! Phone! Sleep!” ChaeRin’s whiny voice made her scrunched her face in annoyance. Still half asleep she rolled into her side and blindly looked for her phone on the nightstand table. She grunted angrily having difficulty into retrieving it.

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True Test

Chapter 2

It was a little after lunch time when Jaejoong finally manage to wake up. His head silently aching from the late night recording with Yoochun and Junsu… and of course a 13 hour flight from U.S back to their home country prior to that. He was dead tired but he didn’t exactly have a choice but to get up and drag himself to his favorite store to get something for Hyunjoong.

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True Test

True Test Of Friendship
Two Shots
by lilies_009

Chapter 01

It was that one cold day of December, where the green trees, roads and rivers finally looses their earthy colors when both best friends finally decided to take a week-end vacation. Away from the noisy and busy life that the city of Seoul South Korea has given them.

It was a mere month after her heartbreak and has been a year of retrogressive lawsuit against his company, that their need of solitude, away from the horns and buzzes of the city has come to be fulfilled.

It was the silence of the place, with only the hissing and silent brushing of leaves that made both retreated to that isolated piece of land, up on that rugged island where a warm wooden cottage sets.

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