The JaeDy Break Up

2nd shot

Dara stared at her cream colored ceiling still thinking of things. Her head unconsciously tilted to her side and her gaze fell on the pink heart frame on her night stand.
She pushed herself up and grab the picture frame, settled it on her lap and trace her fingers on the figures in there.

Her fingertips trailed towards his forehead….eyes…nose… and lips….
“why can’t I just throw you away huh?’ her tears started to flow down her porcelain face.
Then she smiled bitterly… a fake one of course, something she’s been doing for the past days.
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The JaeDy Break Up

The JaeDy break up
Two shot
by lilies_009

She was sitting prettily on the comfort of her home watching Jo Kwon and Ga in on we got married when the sudden ringing of her phone disturbed her.
She puffed out swallowing the last piece of honey corn flakes that she loves to eat for her midnight snacks before grumpily answering it….

“YA! It’s 11 in the eve! Rest time, beauty sleep, MY TIME! MINE! Who the hell dare disturb me on this hour?” she growled while still on the process of swallowing her favored flakes

“unnie you need to come in our apartment”
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