The Blind Date

Disclaimer: Everything written in this fiction is not owned. It is a product of pure imagination. The characters, as themselves, are borrowed for creative purposes only. They do not depict real life situation and events. Must there be any similarities to any literary work and arts, it is simply coincidental in nature and not made intentional. Please be guided accordingly.






That night, Dara found herself unable to sleep. She can feel her chest burning. It must’ve been from too much eating but she ruled out the very thought. It felt more psychological since she’s the type of person who’s hoarding on food.



She pushed herself up and turned on her bedside lamp; its dim effect made the atmosphere a little dramatic.


The clock read 12 AM, a little odd that she’s still awake at that hour when she feels so tired after the day’s activities. Could it be because her dreaded day has finally come? She rested her arm against her forehead while looking at the lush finish of her painted ceiling.



Right then and there, she contemplated deep – deep enough that she could almost drown herself with thoughts. For tomorrow is not just another day but the day she wished would never come.



She looked at her calendar the longest time she has possibly done her life. She focused on the encircled date with a red marker.



As a sign of surrender, she ruffled her wavy locks and released a helpless groan.



“This blind date… Will I go or not?” She began talking to herself and shuffling her hands hard.



“Who might this person be?” Her right hand clutched her chest, her heart pounding ecstatically. She doesn’t understand why she was feeling anxious in the first place and how she hated being set up on blind dates.



“Dam* it, Seungri!” A curse escaped from her lips. Curses, for her, were taboo but find it inevitable to speak.



“You’ll be punished hard. I swear you’ll learn and get it from me.” Now her head was preoccupied with thoughts of punishment to the sole culprit of her impending doom. She must deal with him after everything is settled. Sorry Seungri, Dara-noona will never be easy on you again.



“The more that I think of it… Boy, this is making me crazy!” She sighed.



After too much thinking, Dara suddenly felt very sleepy. Crumpled papers were all over her bed. Not minding the mess, she lazily put off her bedside lamp and drifted to dreamland.



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