NightBloods : The four clan warriors

CHapter 6
The Second Meeting

it was still dark when Park Yoochun arrived at that one abandoned patch of the forest
it was where he believed he would meet with the other warriors
He groaned feeling the coldness of the dawn biting his fairly cold skin as he watch the red and blue hues on the still dark sky
It was almost sunrise yet no soul was still around.
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NightBloods : The four clan warriors

Chapter 05

The Lovers

her eyes sparkled through the dawn as she decided to take a walk out from the cave she and her lover just spend the night in.
the leaves has begun to turn alive again… after a whole night of looking rather sulk and dead.
The beautiful warrior shivered feeling the still cold breeze touching her face.
She at least wore back the clothes she have on her before she met her prince…
though looking like she’s been savage, it was evident that she’s happy, one can see it through the warm smile she’s displaying as she touch the little yellow flowers on her way.

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NightBloods : The four clan warriors

Chapter 04
The Warriors

Jaejoong huffed as he draw his sword back to its sheath
his fangs grew back to its normal length
his blue eyes finally looses its bright color and changes back to its normal light brown one….
he looked around as he heard a few hissed from behind him…
“Skillfully well done Prince Jaejoong”

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NightBloods : The Four Clan Warriors

Chapter 03

I am Jung Yunho first prince to the Jung Clan. Next in line for being the highest master of my clan.
The throne has been appointed to me….
I accepted it….
yet I know in my heart I could never be the prince that everyone needs.
I have my desire of living with freedom
and along with it is choosing the way I will be living my life.
Yet as my fathers and ancestors have been clearly declared
I could never have the life I wanted.
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NightBloods : The Four Clan Warriors

Chapter 02

He slipped his two hands to his side pocket as he walked towards a certain clearing
his head looking up the night sky.
He ran his tongue through his sharp fangs
still tasting the metallic substance he had consumed a moment ago
his head snapped to his side
sensing someone familiar coming.
The rustling of leaves soon followed as two branches was swept to the side by another being
holding to it as she made her way out of it.
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NightBloods : The Four Clan Warriors

Chapter 001

The sun sets slowly gracing the eastern part of the kingdom with its gold and red hues
then the bluish rays appeared as the twilight started to creep up on the horizon
the dusk followed as the color disappeared and darkness slowly engulfed the layers of the earth.

Crickets started to rubbed their wings
creating a sound so tingling and somehow annoying
a few howls were heard
a sign of the hunting has yet come again

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The Four Clan Warriors
by lilies_009


The higher Kindom’s round table sat a glazed as the moon shined on it as if supported by its four great stars
This will be the night that the four silent clans will meet
it was something that no one in any clan would like to befall
yet they knew it will somehow come
and soon will be realized

the hunting will be doubled
the wounded will be crippled
and yet there was hope….
las the four clans will put forward
introducing one of their own

Are they ready?
Will they accept the path that has been chosen for them?
Will they be able to follow their own destiny?
Even if it meant dying?
Even if it meant killing……
Their enemies?
Their friends?
Their love?