Modern Cinderella : A JaeDy Fairytale

Chapter 3


“One more month Jaejoong…or you’re marrying the Kang’s daughter”

He held his breath with annoyance as he seated uncomfortably behind the wheel of his car
two weeks of dreadful searching
and another two weeks of full longing,
Yet there was no luck on his quest for someone who he deemed to have taken his mind
Someone he knew was the only one who successfully swept him off his feet,
a girl who’s only name he recognizes as Dee.

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The Modern Cinderella: A JaeDy Fairytale

“Who Says Fairytales don’t exist?”

Chapter 1


“It’s either you get married with the Kang’s daughter or you produce a fiance for yourself
and present her to us on the dinner congregation”

Exhausted and Pressured
This was precisely what Kim Jaejoong was feeling as of the moment
with the ultimatum that was set by his father, the young bachelor knew that he was about to lose the life he’s been living

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