If I were a Boy

Chapter 03

“Mr. Park?

The teacher called but no answer came
“Park Daerho!” the teacher called for the second time and yet again…. no answer has been heard. 
The teacher impatiently pulled her white board eraser and threw it towards where Dara has been sitting
Dara felt herself being pushed from the side making her head bump on the crystal window. 
The eraser flew pass through her, missing barely an inch off her head

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If i were a boy

Chapter 02

The guys were startled with the sudden banging of the door
as it swang full force hitting the wall behind it
all eyebrows rose as one individual emerged wearing one really angry face.
He sat on his chair really frustrated without even realizing that all eyes were on him
slumping his bigbutt on his chair, his hands balled and slamming it again on the armrest
making everyone in that room jerked up a bit

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If I Were A Boy

Chapter 01 

“Ya! Dae…Rho or something! Get up! Its our second day of school Your class starts at 9 and you have only one hour to fix yourself!”
I heard my friend banging my bedroom door that morning
Making me cringed into my bed
I rushed to the door and opened it for her

“Aish Yunmi ah why are you calling me that?”
“Well you asked me to. Haven’t you? And I need to get used to it!’
She shrugged and pushed me inside the bathroom, handling me the towel
“Go take a bath and i’ll choose what you’ll wear” 
I smiled “Ya! Stop acting like my mom and go out of my room. Gheez!”
“Fine! Whatever” She hissed rolling he eyes before turning her back and exited
Everyone, that’s my bessie, Lee Yunmi. Could be cheerful and crazy at times but obviously acts like a mom when she’s in no mood especially in the morning when she’s at her grumpiest. 

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If I Were A Boy


Kim Jaejoong, Sandara Park


A simple bitter smile tagged along the corner of her lips.
Almost a silent maniacal cry was given out along with the grit of her teeth
As she watch him kissing yet another girl.
then came a promise….
“I’ll make every man who’s cheating on their girl… Pay!”



“Anyeonghaseyo! My name is Park DaeRho, i’m 18 years old, a new student here. Please take care of me” 
a sly smile appeared on his lips as he bent down to greet all of his new classmates
Standing back up he looked around seeing every pair of eyes still looking at him
perhaps studying his whole being. 

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