Idol’s Wife Ch 3

Chapter 3

With wide eyes Dara dragged Jaejoong away from the clothing rack where he was in the middle of choosing yet again another set of clothes for her

“hey! Those dress would look nice on you! Hey!” Jaejoong was trying to pull his arm away from her clutch.

“Jaejoong this is just too much” She looked at the pile of the clothes that Jaejoong and her managed to pull and tried out already.

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Idol’s Wife Ch 2

Chapter 2

Jaejoong watched her back as she stood looking out of the window silently he knew she was not even seeing anything visible out of it. Dara had been standing there at the same spot ever since they arrived at his penthouse that same afternoon.

How long has it been? It was already dinner time which meant his girlfriend for 2 years has been standing there for 3 hours already right after they got out of the court room.

He had never seen her looked so devastated and lost before. Not during the time when her cat Daddoong died.

Not even when her father suddenly showed up asking for asylum because he had gotten so bankrupt his new family threw him out.

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Idol’s Wife

Idol’s Wife


[a/n – this is a complete fic already… with only 3 Chapters! on the process of posting the next 2 chaps. based on a oneshot of one of my fave author. will post a link of the original one at the end. you can ready it off later to see the difference in it. hehe btw. ]

A few months ago, During the Kpop Olympics Kim Jaejoong was competing for the idol soccer team together with Junsu and his team when his friend Choi Seunghyun from YG entertainment accidentally push kick him right into his middle body sending him rolling on the field- obviously in pain and out of breath.

People on the stand, fans and idols alike stood agape as Jaejoong suddenly laid still and unmoving for a few seconds. Everyone was convinced that he was going to stand up, continue to play without further complications- The guy was just too strong and well built and because he was Kim Jaejoong after all- THE Kim Jaejoong.

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