Her Not So Secret revenge -Epilogue

[this chapter comes with a warning…… R scene up ahead…. nosebleed moment!!! you’ll need some ice cold lemonade! Bwahahahahha]

I’m on it i’m on it… this is a request from darlingberry… which i will gladly comply.. since most really wanted a 3rd chap.. so i am writing it now… and yes it will be rated…. a real one.. ghhaaaddd….. never wrote a super rated jaedy this past few weeks… so i will do it…
will edit this later… give me…………. i dunno…. lols]
[well here it is…..


He held her hand, caressed it and draw circles around it with his thumb as he kept his eyes on the road. It took them an hour to convince their friends to just let Dara spend the night with him in his apartment.
He pulled her hands up and gave it a continues kisss while keeping the grin on his face.Dara shifted on her seat and stared at her grinning boyfriend while biting her lower lip. God how she missed staring at his face. She felt a tingling sensation rushed through her as she felt her wet damp lips on the back of her hands.

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Her Not So Secret Revenge

Chapter 2

Dara, 2ne1 and the rest of the BigBang boys were happily walking out of the YG building to the parking lot when a sudden flash of headlight came blinding all of them

The boys immediately stood on guard while the girls stepped back a bit trying to see who the crazy person was.
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Her Not So Secret Revenge

Her Not So Secret Revenge

by lilies_009

[belle… since it’s a challenge… i’m up for it… 9but i will use the bigshow hello perf since it’s more controversial for me) pardon me with the timeline of the events nyahahahha… here’s the first part… 2nd part r scene is on the works… nyahhahaha i need some beeeeerrrrrr.. and Yunnie…..]


“Unnie Unnie!” Minji called on to CL as she stepped back a bit seeing Dara’s intense stare on the computer screen.
Her eyes reduced to a thin line, her knuckles turned white….
CL and Bom came running inside their room upon hearing their Maknae’s call.
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