Digging Kpop Love

Chapter 2

The old man watched in amusement at how everyone in that studio grew tense. He almost chuckled loudly when the Vice President of JDB Broadcasting Company whom he remembered almost begging him a month ago had peeked in the studio and stared at him as if he was about to run away and left them all hanging.

His pink tongue peaked on the side of his mouth and run it smoothly along his dry lips. He then wondered how amusing everything will become if he continues his teasing.

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“Digging Kpop Love”

“Digging Kpop Love” The Untold JaeDy love Story

Chapter 01


“After hearing his story, I felt obligated to share it to the rest of the world. Love indeed is a miracle. Because when God is so busy that he can not be in all places at the same time…. he sends Angels, in the form of the people we dearly love ”
Kang Hyunsung CEO
JDB Broadcasting Network
July 2060

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“Digging Kpop Love”

“Digging Kpop Love” The Untold JaeDy love Story


The world of KPOP- complex, wide, entertaining and deadly. Yet most have a dream of becoming a part of it, even upon knowing its complexities. Artists, through their young age were trained to their full capabilities, even far beyond their young bodies can handle. They were molded to perfection, and with one slip? they will face the equal consequences. Each life revolves around a fake persona that was created by only those who has the power to do so. A sure illusion, created to pleasure, amuse and entertain a specie who took perfection as a way of living.

But beyond that fame and fortune, there’s a world that differs from what all of them seemed to portray. It is where reality was kept and real identity was treasured. It is where they found real happiness and real love.

Relationships were kept with full secrecy. For sometimes a love was never worthy of one’s fame. But some preferred love over everything else, and they were condemned and chastised. They were forced to give up, forced to break apart.

A few reality shows was aired, We got married, Family outing, Love letter Xman, But none came close to what reality was. It was for a play, a script, nothing that depicts life at its truest form.



Let’s all discover how one real idol love survives the evil ways of the industry they thought they are bound to be in forever.

How did our JaeDy survive? when their little secret love story was about to get known through out South Korea??