Can’t Make You Love Me

2nd shot

[a/n oh gosh! lookey i didn’t promise for a sequel but here it is. oh ghawd. breaks my heart but made me happy at the same time. LOL ohh i’m spoiling my own story,. sorry about that. ]

It wasn’t like I was blind.

Neither was I some insensitive jerk who would not care for others’ pain.

I am here, a mere human who fell in love like everyone else.

Don’t I deserve to be happy?

I know I do…

But then how do I explain this dreadful feeling of hurt, betrayal and pain

That every time my eyes closes I could feel my heart breaks?

That every time I breath I felt like choking?

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Can’t Make You Love Me

listen to this while reading it.. pleaseeeeeeeeeee i promise it would make the story a lot more better…. 

There’s this strange twinge in my heart every time I see her hug him
The same pang I would feel whenever I see her smile and laugh to her hearts’ content whenever he would crack a joke.
And there’s this certain feeling of regret at times when I see her kiss his cheek 
just to show her appreciation for every little thing he had done for her. 
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