[oneshot] Home

Title : Home

Chapter : One Shot

By : Lilies_009

I couldn’t help it. I frowned, no matter how I was told not to. I could barely understand why they needed me to stay to that place for another night but I did. I even tried to enjoy it as much as I could. See me posting those pictures for everyone to see? I know I didn’t looked like it but I was so damn tired I could barely stand but then it was a nice place. It’s sunny. Everywhere smelt like sea. It reminds me of someone.

I was pushed by the guys my company hired for my protection. I huffed in annoyance and felt the side of my eyes twitched. But then I saw the sea of fans pushing through them, looking like they’re trying to get my attention by shouting my name. I felt rather grateful for some reasons. My iPod is on blast, listening to bigbang’s music- and it made the screaming tolerable.

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If We Could

Chapter 8


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For some student, that school year has been the worst. Especially to the soccer team and to the people close to them. No matter how hard they have tried, practicing and playing together  didn’t work. Not when Kim Jaejoong was not paying attention. Not when their captain was so distracted. Not even when Junsu and Daesung’s jokes weren’t working anymore.


Soccer games weren’t even as exciting as it used to.

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Whatever Comes Next

Chapter 5

It was the heel of his shoes echoing throughout her house that woke her up from her afternoon nap. She was planning to sleep the whole day, after hearing such disappointing news from her husband.

“Get up!” she peeked out on her white fluffy blanket and rolled her eyes at him.

“What are you doing here?” She questioned, rolling around so that her back would be facing him, which only made the other guy scoffed at her.

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Whatever Comes Next Ch 4

Chapter 4

She was all by her self, leaning against the railing of their terrace, wrapped vaguely by her thin robes when Dongwook finally found her.

It was a mere five days ago since it happened and Dongwook could not pushed back the sudden distance feeling between the two of them. It was as if a thin glass of wall was suddenly built in between them.

A Glass… wherein he could clearly see her wife and yet couldn’t hear her, touch her, or feel her.

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Lost in translation

by. howdarehee

Am I doing this right? If not, I’m really sorry. T.T but this is my first post so i expect leniency from everyone 😀

P.S. Sentences in italics are either chaerin’s words or lyrics

Doing the Shibuya district excursion alone was such a bad idea. Now, here I am, completely lost. I should’ve brought Ddokchae or MinKki along because they have excellent command of the Japanese language but I thought I could survive with my English proficiency and now, I realize that I was dead wrong. It turned out that like Koreans, The Japanese are very shy with foreigners. And expecting to converse with non-English speakers -what was I thinking? I can’t even get myself on a cab because I just can’t understand a word that the drivers are saying

And to add more to my mishap, my phone’s dead.

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Billionaire’s Last Love

Chapter 18

Jaejoong unconsciously tightened his grip on the backrest of his office couch. Nails almost breaking the leather covering it. Closing his eyes as he breath in and out harshly- a none effective way to even out his ragged breathing.

Shim Changmin cringed. Witnessing his boss and friend’s jaw tightening. He could vividly hear the gritting of the others’ teeth as he make careful steps around him. The secretary whom he have asked for some water for Jaejoong was silently on his toes as well, too damn afraid to make a sound that would further irritate the boss.

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Sports Emergency and Me2day

Sports Emergency and Me2day

one shot

by lilies_009

“Shit! What the fuck..??” Junsu sprung up from being buried under all his fluffy pillows and stuffed toys when a not-so-soft-thing hit his head causing him to wake up all of a sudden. His eyes went directly to the huffing Jaejoong whose expression he could barely read.

“Get up! We are going out today!”

Junsu stared at the older guy for a while, trying to process what he meant by going out when he knew that they can’t just walk around on the street especially now that South Korea has been hot on their trails.

The older guy even walked around Junsu’s room trying to find the only thing he really wanted to just get his hands into. “Where the hell is it?”

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