How He Became My Dad

Chapter 02

And she was RIGHT! If you could have seen the look on her mother’s eyes the minute she stepped inside the door of the restaurant where the birthday dinner celebration will be held. She never felt so utterly and completely scared- well minus the time when she decided to bring one guy at home. Her mom went ballistic on her and dragged her to the hospital for a complete physical check up.

“I told you to wear something nice Heeyoung” Her mom eyed her from head to toe and shook her head with disappointment.

“What’s wrong with what I am wearing?” she looked down, tagged the hem of her blouse and acted as if she didn’t knew exactly what her mother has been trying to tell her about. She stole a few glances on the snickering man beside her and scrunched her nose trying to keep herself from laughing hard
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How He Became My Dad

How He Became My Dad
(short story)


He is good looking
He is rich
He is famous
He is Jung Yunho

….and he is my Dad

Chapter 01

She took one big sniff off her cigaret and blew the white smoke out with a heavy sigh. 
She already lost count of how many sticks she finished that whole day and she could almost feel her tongue burning from the hot smoke that emits from the poisonous stick. The bitter taste covered her tongue obviously from the excessive amount of nicotine she got. She winced seeing her ashtray with the burned butts of cigarettes she consumed that whole day. 

She was not addicted to it like some smokers do but the stress that her major in college have caused her was just too much that she ended up just being in the shelter of her room, sitting in front of her laptop and typing things for the whole two days after the said paper work was announced.

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Chasing You

Chasing You

[a sequel to Where Ever You Are]


by lilies_009



He blinked, scanning the now empty cold room for another presence he knew would never be there anytime soon. He bit his lower plump lips as he pulled the pillow right next to him, hugging it tighter against his chest and smelled it, as if looking for that particular scent- a scent that is slowly fading as each day passed.

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Where Ever You Are

Where Ever You Are
one shot
by lilies_009

She smiled bitterly as she slowly stepped on the break of his car, taking the little space of their parking lot in front of their huge house. She unbuckled her belt and lean back to stare at the half drunk man who was smiling beside her. How many times have this happened? Countless… yet she knew she was bound to do it still in the future…

Future? She wasn’t sure how clear her future was… for all she have seen and knew was Jung Yunho and her boundless love for the young man who took her heart the minute she has set her eyes on him.
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4:00 am

4 am
one shot.

His firm muscular chest rising and falling, in a manner that seems to have been dancing along those beats he would usually dances and moves to.

His thin but well chiseled face, despite his known masculinity, was enough reason to say he’s pretty, was buried into the soft cotton pillow he has always been clinging to every time he needed the comfort and rest.

A small smile tagged along the corner of his lips as he snuggled into the silk lavender blankets he usually rolled around with for an entire stress free day without even thinking of what the world will bring to him the next time the sun would shine through that closed window right next to his side of the bed.
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NightBloods : The Four Clan Warriors

Chapter 03

I am Jung Yunho first prince to the Jung Clan. Next in line for being the highest master of my clan.
The throne has been appointed to me….
I accepted it….
yet I know in my heart I could never be the prince that everyone needs.
I have my desire of living with freedom
and along with it is choosing the way I will be living my life.
Yet as my fathers and ancestors have been clearly declared
I could never have the life I wanted.
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