About Lilies

Hello everyone.

I’m lilies, obviously new to wordpress, so I’m still kind of lost in here.

I have decided to post all my fanfictions in here (not that they are great or worthy of reading) but like what my BG says… I’m on the brink of losing my sanity and that all I do in my current life is dreaming or feeding my fandom.

I’m currently running a fansite which is dedicated to Kim Jaejoong and Dara Park and is founded to cater the needs and delusions (not- so-delusional) THEIANS (people who adores the JaeDy couple).www.jaedybliss.tk

Yay! i so love and adore my unnies and Dongsaeng and all Theians/ JDB family.

I have to say…

My writing sucks…

My composition sucks…

My grammar sucks…

So don’t go on bashing me about those listed above. this blog was created for my own fulfillment.  If you happen/ accidentally read my works here and cause you to feel like puking… (which is not totally my fault) just silently scram and leave me alone. *grins

Again, things and stories or anything that i will be posting are mere products of my imagination and are expected to be treated as such. I am not a “well equipped/ j.k rowling- Sidney S.” kind of writer but i’m learning and I am enjoying what I am doing.

I Guess that’s it.

and ohh… so you’ll know…

My Hubby is Jeong YoonHo (please look at my BG). I am not delusional, just crazy-overly-insanely in love with him.

Much ❤



I”ll do this Bio Style…. (haha)

NetName (a.k.a) : Lilies_009

Country : Philippines

Age : Unknown

Height : 5’6

Weight : 49 – 50 kls

Gender : Female and Slightly Undecided (lmao conisder the latter as a joke please)

Status : Taken / Married / Virtually Pregnant (lol) (yes i am happily married to the hottest guy on earth

Interest : Korean Pop, Reading and Writing, Bar Tending, Cocktail Mixing, Cooking, JaeDy and my Hubs

Site : www.jaedybliss.tk , www.jaedybliss.wordpress.com

During Boredom : I write, I read, I sleep, I dream

Things/ People I can’t live without : Louise, Yoonho, Yunnice, Tappy, Poddy, Foody, Theians, Mom, AC and a whole bunch more.

The 3 groups that occupies my fandom : ToHoShinKi, 2NE1, BigBang


10 thoughts on “About Lilies

    • Thanks maknae shaney..
      ohhh let’s subscribe to each other’s blog then?? hehehe. Don;t forget to put me on your blogroll.. i already put your blog on mine

  1. hi lilies~! i’m a jaedy fan! lol
    i just wanna ask permission from you if i can post some of your stories in asianfanfics (with credits of course^^) coz it’s really really good~!
    you’re an awesome author! . 😀

    • sure…. hehehe i was trying to post my fics as well in that site but i’m just too lazy…LOL just send me the links alright??? and link it back here… tell me what stories are you going to post as well.. thanks for supporting baby…. Love ya

    • hello justmei…
      i really would like to thank you for supporting me and my fics…
      i got your profile..
      i would drop by once in while to check on it… kekeke maybe read comments..LOL
      i really thank you darling…

      ok.. you can post any fics.. thanks again.
      hit me up with a comment of you want to ask something… thanks again

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