[oneshot] Home

Title : Home

Chapter : One Shot

By : Lilies_009

I couldn’t help it. I frowned, no matter how I was told not to. I could barely understand why they needed me to stay to that place for another night but I did. I even tried to enjoy it as much as I could. See me posting those pictures for everyone to see? I know I didn’t looked like it but I was so damn tired I could barely stand but then it was a nice place. It’s sunny. Everywhere smelt like sea. It reminds me of someone.

I was pushed by the guys my company hired for my protection. I huffed in annoyance and felt the side of my eyes twitched. But then I saw the sea of fans pushing through them, looking like they’re trying to get my attention by shouting my name. I felt rather grateful for some reasons. My iPod is on blast, listening to bigbang’s music- and it made the screaming tolerable.

I ignored the ache on my pride when one guard mishandled me by pulling my right arm and shoving me behind him. I may looked thin and helpless but I am still a guy. I know how to defend myself.

Ducking into the waiting car I looked back and wave at the fans and was rewarded by more squeals as the fans pushed more to get nearer. I hurriedly slammed the door close and told the driver to go without wasting time.

Closing my eyes I let my mind drift. It has been a week that I was away from home.

Home, just thinking about it makes my heart flutter and ache at the same time. Didn’t I promise to be home and never sleep outside? But I have this job and responsibilities that I needed to do. Sometimes having two or three days spending it at home is a privilege.

I can’t help but wonder what would they think of me now. I did broke another promise. I was supposed to be home yesterday. The party was supposed to start the minute I arrive and Dinner was not supposed to be serve without me.

Then I remember. I leaned back, stretching backwards I took the beautifully wrapped parcels at the backseat. My PA smiled guiltily seeing the ribbon a little crumpled. I asked him to take care of it when we arrived.

It took me hours to get those when I went shopping the other day. I just don’t know if those were enough to compensate them with the disappointments I have caused them. Though I am sure that it won’t.

Sighing deeply I then again closed my eyes, trying to regain back my energy as much as I can. I won’t fail them anymore and spent this whole day sleeping on them.

The minute I felt the car turn right slowing down then jump up a bit on a hump I recognize, I stirred awake, asking my driver to not buzz the horn. At least a little surprise would be good.

I stepped out of the car, cradling in my arms the gifts I bought. Carefully tucking it behind me. I smiled smelling the familiar scent of sweet citrus. I do wonder how she kept the house clean and fresh.

Turning the knob carefully I was welcomed by silence. What am I thinking? How could I even hope that they have cancelled the planned day out just because I wasn’t home? I felt so selfish.

Feeling tired and regretful I decided that I might just take the time to freshen up. A quick shower might do me good.

Deciding to do a detour, I dropped my languages on the living room and went towards one of the room. Dropping one of gift boxes there would surprise her. I could just imagine her face seeing this huge one. – she loves surprises.

The door screeched a bit as I peeked into the room. The music that was softly playing was mine-it was I who was playing those notes on the piano.

My heart melted seeing the two of them on the bed. She was hugging her little body against her chest as she was spooned into her. What made my eyes tear was when I saw the slice of pink cake, decorated by rainbow stars and little candies. Under the plate was a note messily written by her.

For Dadi.

And under it was a little heart that looked like a broken ball instead signed with her name. – jaedy

I dropped to my knees beside them and watch them with remorse. How could I let this happen. How could I let a day go by not being able to see her grow? Not being able to hold her like that.

And then, she stirred, pulling our Jaedy a little more towards her as she snuggled her little head under her chin as if trying to find her warmth.

My Jaedy sniffed, then mumbled something I could barely hear it. But then I do. I heard her call me.


And then she held her tighter mumbling back, still withntheirbeyes close “shhh baby… He’ll be here soon”

I took a long deep breath waiting for their breaths to even out before taking off my shoes and sliding right next to them. Slowly lifting her head so that it could rest on my arms. Wrapping them both against me I kissed Jaedy’s cheek

“Happy birthday” before turning my attention to my wife and gently kissing her pink plump lips.

“Jagiya….I am finally home” she stirred again, finally allowing her eyes to open a little. And then she smiled so beautifully my heart did a back flip.

“Jaejoongie…” It looked like she wanted to pull back to sit up but I shook my head and kissed her again.

“Shhhh babe… Go on and sleep Dara. I’ ll be here when you wake up”


A/N hey.. So you know that  i don’t have my laptop anymore. So I am using the my iPad (which by the way just arrived today) And yes. Every unfinished fics and chapters that I haven’t posted got erased so there is no way for me to retrieve it anymore. I wrote this one just after my shift at noon.


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