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If We Could

Chapter 8


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For some student, that school year has been the worst. Especially to the soccer team and to the people close to them. No matter how hard they have tried, practicing and playing together  didn’t work. Not when Kim Jaejoong was not paying attention. Not when their captain was so distracted. Not even when Junsu and Daesung’s jokes weren’t working anymore.


Soccer games weren’t even as exciting as it used to.

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If We Could

Chapter 7





With crossed arms and raised brow Dongwook watch his younger sister drag a deep breath as she played with one key on her piano. She has been doing so for the last thirty minutes that he has been there. With one look he knew exactly what was going on.


“I see. Now it’s going to be like this?” He smirked seeing her straightened out from where she was sitting


“I don’t know what you’re talking about oppa” She answered nonchalantly, pretending to fix the lyric sheets that she had been working on.


“Oh I know exactly what is going on” Dongwook pushed himself away from the door frame. “Please go to school Dara. Don’t let Dad find out about this or you’ll get yourself a one way ticket back to New York” He said before turning to walk away.


“Perhaps New York is a better place for me after all” Dara stared at her brother’s retreating back before sighing again.


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