If We Could

Chapter 6




The breakfast was a whole lot different affair.


They were giggling together after Jaejoong whispered how good she looked wearing his oversized shirt when Dara’s brother came into view. He was already eating his breakfast as he looked up seeing his sister being tickled by a man he had not known


He raised a brow when Dara straightened out seeing her older brother.


“Hi!” Jaejoong awkwardly greeted. Now a little embarrassed that he wasn’t even wearing a shirt. Seeing a little resemblance, Jaejoong was guessing this is the older brother Dara was talking about.

“Good morning” the older guy smiled, making Jaejoong wondered what happened to the my-bastard-brother Dara was describing to him earlier.


“Oppa….I…” Dara stuttered not really knowing what to say. She hadn’t expected him to be home actually.


“Shhh! Shut up Toki and eat your breakfast. And you! Young man. Who are you and why are you buggering my little sister?”


Dara gasped “Oppa!” hating how straight forward her older brother was.


“I… I’m sorry… I…” the younger guy shifted from one foot to another, slightly bothered by the fact that he could not really find the right words to say. What was he supposed to say anyway? That he actually  enjoy her company? That he like her? That he like having sex with her?


“For what? Buggering her or for not introducing yourself” he squinted his eyes, inwardly rejoicing for making the other guy uncomfortable and speechless. This is one of those few moments where he could actually get some entertainment. Torturing his sister’s boyfriends even feels better than getting academic awards in school.


Dara needed to roll her eyes “Oh stop it you moron! You are making him nervous. Jae, this is my moronotic bother Dongwook. Oppa this is Jaejoong… my… friend” Dongwook could see the hesitation on that.


“Ssantoki… Moronotic is not even a word” Dongwook teased, spreading some butter on his bread before tearing a part away.


“Shut up oppa!” she grinned “ You know you’re a moron that Ticks me!” popping a piece of grape into her mouth and aiming another piece to her brother who docked a little to the right.


Jaejoong stared at the two, wondering what the hell just happened.  Just until Dara pulled him to sit beside her. They ate breakfast silently with Dongwook attempting to engage him into conversations.




It was already lunch time when Dara even agreed to let him go. She drove him to a bus stop and watched him go before driving home. Dara sighed as she took slow steps towards her bedroom, thinking of Kim Jaejoong again. He had kissed her before stepping out of her car. It was soft kiss, a little tender but sweet- as if promising her that it wasn’t the end. That he was going to give their relationship a go.


She smiled to herself before turning to hall towards her room.


“I just hope you know what you’re doing Dara” Dongwook was leaning against the railing of the stairs with arms cross over his chest.


Dara didn’t even answer him for a minute. Wondering how she’s going to justify what she’s doing. But does she even have to do so? Does she really have to explain that she had fallen yet again for someone who she knows her parents won’t even care  to look at.


“Oppa… I like him” she almost look defeated knowing exactly what her older brother  was talking about.


“Yeah! Of course you do!” Dongwook laughed which of course made her irritated



“He looks…” Dongwook looked concerned again. He could not even find the words to describe the new interest of her sister. The other guy was good looking. But what else?  What else could he offer? What makes him different from all the guys Dara had dated?


Dongwook stared at her for a few seconds, seeing the hopefull look on her eyes. She was of course waiting if not demanding for his approval. Something he always did provide her. Dongwook let out sigh


“Listen sis. If this is another pity case please stop.  What makes you think Mom and Dad would agree to this?”


“This is not a pity case!” she screeched. “I like him. Not because he’s poor or because he needed some help. I like him enough to…” She paused, taking a deep breath.


“He doesn’t even like me oppa. If I don’t like him why would I be hurting myself like this?”


Dongwook sighed heavily wrapping his arms around her. “I’m supposed to study for my demo tomorrow. And now I’ll be buggered by the thoughts of you! Damn bitch! I’ll again murder a cat tomorrow instead of making the bone aligned” he chuckled


“Anyway. that… the Jaejoong guy looks like a good man. A little broken but I think he’s ok”


Dara looked up “He is a good man and even better in bed” she wiped her tears away, now finding in herself to finally tease back “he’s not precisely well hung. You know. Medium size… but…”


“Oh my God! Shut the hell up Dara!I don’t need such information!” he slightly pushed her off him. “Now I need to study. Go!”




Jaejoong stared outside the window of the bus smiling. How the hell did that all happened? They came from being complete strangers to piano partners to… Jaejoong frowned. What exactly were they?


They obviously not talked about it but Dara… well she’s Dara.


They had talked all about other things though. And Jaejoong couldn’t deny that he enjoyed every minute of it. She was a very beautiful girl. And some might not see it but she was beautiful inside as well.


Dara had shared how she had hope her future was going to be and how she wanted to spend the rest of her life teaching little kids. Jaejoong remember how her eyes grew big when he told her that the only wayshe could do it was to become a teacher.


She was of course terrified after that. Wondering if the little kids would actually listen to a weird looking teacher like her. Jaejoong of course protested. Dara actually looked different without the glamour slash punk make up that she wears at school


He in fact finds her more gorgeous. Her face displays innocence that Jaejoong felt like he needed to protect her.


And then the sex happened.


It was amazing. She was amazing and beautiful.


Unknowingly, Jaejoong traced his lower lip remembering how she liked tugging on it. He remembered the loving look on her eyes just after they had made love last night. He wouldn’t even deny calling it that. He knew there was something in there.


He could not help but smile and wonder how Dara could make him forget about everything.


Then just like that. He remembered


“Oh Shit!” Jaejoong panicked


“Oh shit! Oh Shit!” Jaejoong felt like running. He felt so guilty he wanted to just disappear. He looked at his watch seeing it close to 3 in the afternoon made him ache.


“Boomie… I’m sorry” he whispered before tearing up like a little girl. He had done it. He had not kept his promise. He had let her wait for him and cheated on her. The worse what that he had forgotten about her.


He had forgotten about Park Bom and Kim Jaejoong was feeling so utterly devastated. That wasn’t supposed to happen.


He had promised her forever….


But what about Dara Park?



Jaejoong sat on the bench just in front of the swing set on that park. He had been there for two hours now and the wait was making him so anxious. He knew he had been the one who is at fault and he won’t be blaming her if she would be late or furious or won’t even show up at all.


With his elbows on his thighs as he waited for the seconds to ticked by Jaejoong couldn’t help but to feel disgusted and guilty.


The light foot steps towards his direction finally came and as Jaejoong looked up he saw her uncertain face.  He abruptly stood up, wanting to diminish the space between them. However she took a step back, obviously not wanting to make a contact.


“I’m sorry Bommie” he looked away, too ashamed to even meet her accusing eyes


“You are forgetting Jae…” Bom’s shaky voice didn’t passed Jaejoong’s ears. He could recognize the anguish in it and he didn’t like how he had been the one who is causing it.


“No Bom… I…” He took another step closer, grasping her small shoulder finally looking at her face. How could he walked away from this? How could he even think of walking away from her?


“Yes you are Jae. I can feel it. You don’t need me anymore. I… I’m not what you needed” Bom’s tears silently fell as she once again step backward away from his reach and Jaejoong felt her slipping away.




Monday came and Dara was running late on her first class. She was already halfway to school when she had forgotten the music sheet that she had been working on that weekend. She was making progress with it and was about to surprise Jaejoong that afternoon.


The guy had not contacted her after he had left her house last Saturday and Dara was so tempted to call him or send him a little message but decided to go against it thinking the guy probably needed some rest.


She was a few rooms away from her first class when she saw him walking along with Yunho and  Daesung. Yunho and the other guy were talking animatedly while Jaejoong was looking silent like he always does.


Dara beamed seeing the guy and walked steadfastly towards him.


“Hey Jae!” she greeted but was only met by silence.


She saw him spared her a glance then looked away as if seeing her had hurt his eyes. The guy wasn’t even stopping.he ignored her completely as if she had not eisted.


Dara looked at his friends, eyes pleading to tell her what was going on but Yunho and Daesung only shrugged down indicating that they had no idea what was happening.  They blindly follow the other guy as they walked away from her.


Dara was so shocked that she just watched him walked away until he disappeared in the corner.  Feeling her heart broken yet again she let a single tear fall as she silently wiped it away. Bitterly laughing for making yet again a fool out of herself.  She walked towards her first class, summoning the courage to will away more tears that were threatening to fall.


She knew that this will happen. She had expected this to happen. Only that she didn’t knew it would happen to soon.


Clutching the lyric sheet on her hands  Dara turned away and ran back to the lot where she had parked her car.


She needed to get away from this. She needed to think. To let this all out.




As he turned in the corner he dared steal a glance to where Dara Park was left standing as she looked down on the floor- obviously hurting and defeated. He saw her running her right hand fingers on her cheek.


Jaejoong knew that if he looked closer he would have seen her tears.


Taking a deep breath he looked away, not realizing that he himself was tearing up. As he walked away from her Jaejoong felt like dying, without really knowing the reason why.






[ Lilies notes : ok I am sorry for hurting Dara like this. They both have issues and they needed to deal with it.! Next chapter you want? I know! I know! I promise a good ending! Hahaha thanks for subscribing! I was so shocked with the numbers. LOL really! Thanks! Comment and I’ll post! *puppy dark doe eyes. ]


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