If We Could

Chapter  5





Jaejoong sat on his old rusty chair watching her sleep. He had to bring him home a few hours ago just because he had no idea where the girl lived. He had tried calling Yunmi earlier knowing that his friend and the new girl were hitting it off for a few days now.


He of course had seen them together in school. How could he missed it? The girls had been hanging out lately and the fact that Yunmi was Bom’s best friend wouldn’t really be missed out. But Yunmi has been evasive for the last couple of hours already and Jaejoong was left with no other options but to bring her home.


Of course he had liked driving her car. He had hoped to drive one ever since and he had to thank the fact that the girl was so drunk that she couldn’t even drive home. Well aside from the fact that he had hated how drunk she is that she couldn’t even walk straight.

Jaejoong sighed watching her eyelashes flutter as she scrunched her face together like a rabbit. He could not deny that fact the she was pretty, if not gorgeous.  And then he could vividly remember how she had confessed everything earlier making him the center of teasing for an hour before he had decided that he had enough of it and carried the unconscious girl home.


Of course he had not missed the relieved and worried looked of his friends face earlier. And he could not help but to think of what Yunmi had said earlier.


“was she right? Do I need to move on?” He shook his head, clearing his thoughts. Just making an attempt to forget Bom was making his heart clench. How could he? When he had promised her that he wouldn’t?


It was his fault in the first place. How could he when he had promised her forever?


Jaejoong abruptly stood up and glared at the sleeping girl. How dare she even come here and cause his heart to go on flutter like that? He swiftly walked out of the room and decided to take a run. Maybe buy something to the corner grocer would help him clear his mind.




Dara woke up feeling the little roughness of blanket beneath her. It rather felt foreign and knew instantly that it wasn’t her bed. Dara cringed as memories of the blonde persuasive guy assaulted her that panic instantly grew inside her chest.


She bolted up, instantly clutching her head in pain. “damn hangover” she cursed before finally having the strength to look around the room.


Looking down she saw that she was still dressed and was slightly relieved that she had not been raped worse did a consensual sex without her knowledge. She squirmed around studying her body if she could feel soreness or anything foreign- None, which is rather a relief.


It was small, a little unfurnished with a small study table at the corner. She smiled seeing Jaejoong’s jersey hanging at the small knob of the wooden closet. Eyes still wandering she saw the few pair of shoes lined neatly beside it. And on the dresser was a few grooming kit.


Jaejoong was an organized man after all. The room was clean Dara couldn’t see any traces of dust. Then on the dresser she a single picture. A girl with golden brown and wavy hair. Eyes so big it made her looked like a doll. And she was smiling warmly Dara realized why Jaejoong fell in love with her.


Ignoring the little tug when she saw the girl’s picture. Dara pushed herself off the bed and walked toward the covered keyboard stand right beside the dresser. She uncovered it and found some lyric sheets. By the looks of it she knew that those had not been touch for ages, seeing how the ink in there looked so old and blemished already. She took the sheets and stared at if for a while before smiling sadly.


“This is so fucked up> Dara Park you are fucked up!” she cursed in English.




It wasn’t long before Jaejoong came in and was a little startled seeing Dara up already. She was just sitting on his bed, brushing her hair while her bag which luckily Jaejoong had gotten from the chair where she being mauoled by Kwon Jiyong was on her lap.


“Hey!” Dara greeting


“Hi” Jaejoong replied awkwardly. Her confession assaulting his head again making him blush a little


“I am so sorry about this!” Dara stood up attempting to wear her shoes back.


“It’s ok.” he shifted from one foot to another feeling rather foolish


“Well I have to go. I hope I didn’t cause any trouble last night?” She smiled, making him gloat himself for finding it too adorable “No strip tease from me or singing Britney spears on the table or nay weird confession from I hope?”


“Ummm…no… no. None at all” Jaejoonng cringed “ at least she wasn’t remembering something”


“Good. The last thing I want is to make myself another laughing stock in my new school” Dara concluded.


Dara huffed finally finishing tying her shoes up. “I… I’m sorry… but did we.. drive my car? Or…” she digged into her purse “have you seen my keys?”


Jaejoong couldn’t help but to chuckle seeing  how lost the girl was. “yeah. It’s outside. I’m sorry I drove your car last night. I don’t have one you know and it’s the only way I can bring you home… I mean my home”


Dara smiled. Thankful that it was Jaejoong who actually brought her home and not the blonde guy she was with. Dara then wondered how Jaejoong found her last night.


“Thanks Jae” She paused awkwardly standing around without knowing what to say.  Until Jaejoong finally spoke again


“it’s weekend. it’s a good time to work on our piece don’t you think?” Jaejoong nodded expectantly


“Oh! Yeah. Sure sure! Are we going to work here?” She spared the covered keyboard a glance before Jaejoong protested against it


“Umm… my omma is sick. I don’t want to disturbed her with the piano” Jaejoong explained


“Ah.. that’s ok. So where?”


“How about in school?”


“School… good enough!” she smiled but then a sudden idea made her stood straighter and her eyes went wider


“Oh! Do you want to come with me? I have one at home. My parents are not at home.so we can make all the piano noise we can!” She laughed making Jaejoong smile at her suddenly energy


“Sure. If you can give me a few minutes to prepare” He run around the room taking all the things that he needed, sparing Dara a glance when he opened her closet to get the clothes and underwear. A little embarrassed that he tucked the blue boxer brief under his arm and smiled at her again when she rolled her eyes telling him that he needed to calm the hell down because it’s not like she hadn’t seen a male underwear before.


Dara beamed watching him leave. It was the first time for her to see him smile like that. The first time that a smile was directed to her and at the moment Dara promised that she would do everything to make him smile like that always.






“It’s me” Dara pushed the button on the gate’s receiver glancing at the gaping Jaejoong. She smiled at him before returning her eyes to the road that leads to her house.


“You… you own this house?” He questioned not really believing his eyes


“No! Of course not. It’s my parent’s house. Not mine” She answered liking how the guy was reacting to all of it. She could not help but feel elated seeing the guy smiling, looking so fascinated of everything.


They passed by a big house but Dara continued to drive towards a separate but smaller house a few hundred meters away. Dara could see the confusion in Jaejoong as his eyes were kept locked on the big house.


“That’s where we live but we are going to work here” she motioned in, clicking the automatic door. Inside was a spacious room. A living room with a flat screen tv hung at the wall, a small coffee table, and a black grand piano at the side.


“I stay here most of the time” She smiled motioning for Jaejoong to sit down. “You want some breakfast? I’m hungry. My head is aching still”


“Yeah sure”


“I’ll be right back” She gestured Jaejoong to go on as he slightly took a few steps towards the Piano.




Their time together surprisingly went well. They managed to create a draft of the music and a theme. And was even talking how the lyrics would go. Jaejoong suggested to get Yunmi to sing it as well which surprised Dara a bit having no idea that her friend could actually sing.


However their time together wasn’t really all lyric and music creation. They spent so much time knowing each other. Talking about random things. Nothing too personal in Jaejoong’s side of course.


Dara however got too comfortable with the guy that she shared her own woes and sad life. It might give him a glimpse of why Dara is Dara and not some ordinary girl.


Jaejoong was indeed a good listener, he listened well and hard. Dara could bet that it was because Jaejoong had the same issues.


Lunch came and soon dinner but none of them even realized that they had spend almost the whole day with each other.


“Ya! How could you!” Dara glared at him when he not so subtly flicked the sauce into her face. He laughed seeing it hit directly on her forehead.


They were enjoying the Burger and fries that she ordered on delivery and was both sprawled on the floor with their food when Jaejoong suddenly decided to play.


“I’m sorry!” he was already clutching his tummy from laughing to hard. “I didn’t mean to”  the tomato sauced slid down Dara’s nose making her glare at him.


“Ahhh you think this is funny do you?” She grinned, squeezing the remaining sauce out of its pocket on her free hand.


Jaejoong’s eyes widened as she started advancing, ketchup on her palm. “No!” he squirmed back, now a little concerned at the predatory look on her eyes


Dara cocked her head at the side playfully “No..?” she pouted, stopping midway making Jaejoong think that she changed her mind from attacking him


Then when he was distracted she lunged forward landing above him, spreading the ketchup on his face.


Both laugh whole heartedly that nothing seemed to matter but themselves and how happy they both are. They continued laughing while Dara wiped the ketchup off his face while Jaejoong cleared her forehead as well.


Then Dara stopped, just watching him laugh. Caressing his face where the ketchup have been. She could get used to this. Seeing him laugh and making him happy. It was as if she had been give with a new mission in life. To make him get all the things that he deserves.


Dara could feel Jaejoong’s fingers slid down his face. Palm resting against it as they look at each other like they’re born to just do so. His fingers caressing her face as he gasp and closed his eyes when Dara leaned further into his warm palm.


Dara knew she was risking it all but couldn’t really help herself. She leaned down. Pressing her lips to his and nipping on his bottom lip as if asking for acknowledgement from him.


“I like you Jae” She said so softly she wasn’t even sure if he heard her.  And when Jaejoong’s was about to bold out, confusion, guilt and panic written all over his face Dara pressed down harder.


“I understand Jae and I won’t ask you for more. I won’t. I promise” She pleaded, eyes in tears that a few have even fallen into Jaejoong’s face. And he hated how he had managed to make another girl cry.


“Shh… don’t cry” he pushed his head up, meeting her lips. Gently tugging it. Dara gasped after feeling it. And without thinking so much about the what if and what the consequences will be they give in to what their body and mind wanted.


They had sex that night. Right beside the fireplace of Dara’s piano room. And although they knew it was likely more than just sex both denied that it was.


Perhaps it is what their hearts wanted as well?





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