If We Could

Chapter 4




They sat awkwardly beside each other as the professor discussed some things about their little recital. It wasn’t that big of a planning actually, but a little show to show that the music class was still there- alive.


It was really so simple, students comes up with their own piece. Make it themselves and play it. Of course Dara wasn’t really a composer and she grunted knowing that she wouldn’t come up with anything even if they would give her forever to do it.


Jaejoong watch silently as the girl squirm on her seat. And was gladly thanking god that she was as awkward as him. it wouldn’t be nice if she was as loud and persuasive as the other girls were. He would not know how to deal with it if she was. In fact, Jaejoong wasn’t up to dealing with it even if he knew how.

The music teacher had given them free time to talk it out or plan something and Dara and Jaejoong just sat beside each other in silence, just until they heard the bell ringing, indicating the class dismissal.


“umm.. see you” Dara looked up as she took her bag and swung her bag on her shoulder. Slowly stepping away from him


Jaejoong stood awkwardly for a moment before managing to nod back “thank you” he said shortly making Dara stopped on her track, looking back at the awkward guy. “I hope it wasn’t so much trouble?”


The she smiled back, almost too blinding it made his chest tingled.


“It wasn’t really. Until I realized I didn’t exactly knew where I was”




Dara wasn’t really a fan of soccer. She was rather fascinated by watching American football though. Seeing as much brutality the said sport has. Then here comes soccer, where pretty boys kick some balls and toss it around back and forth like some sissies.


But here she was, on one of the seats on the stand, watching a friendly game between two public schools in Seoul. Or watching Jaejoong looking so cool and hot, finding herself cheering for the school’s team. Or rather, for him.


She was accompanied by some chick who she had met from most of her class. And was like her, a little distant and different from everybody else.


Her name was Lee Yunmi and was persistent that Dara should call her Yani. Which was to Dara’s annoyance was her least favorite person on her old school.


Yani was a little older than her, probably a year older. Claimed to have been sent back to the same year and subjects because she was so busy with life she had not time making homework or assignments and even attend to classes.


The girl has flaws and Dara likes it.


“You know, I would wonder why he had not melted yet” Yani commented, popping the last piece of chili crackers into her mouth


Dara stiffened as she saw Jaejoong fall when one player blocked his way but sighed in relief when he stood up, seemingly unhurt.


Dara spared her new friend a sideway glance “What are you talking about?” and she could see her rolling her at her “What?” she finally looked at her


“Kim Jaejoong. It’s obvious” Yani grinned


Dara couldn’t help but to think “do I have a thing for him?”

“No I don’t. I don’t like the guy”


“Hey! Did I say you like him?” She chuckled, making Dara glare at her.


She suspiciously thought that her friend was in love with the guy the first few days that she had met Dara Park. She’s been rambling about him since then but none confirmed it until a day ago when Dara was shell shocked seeing one of the cheerleading girls openly asked the guy for a date. In which Jaejoong sadly declined.


“She dared to ask him out? Ha! In your face bitch!” Yani skillfully mimicked Dara’s display that time. Copying the joy on her voice when Jaejoong turned the girl down. “remember?” she teased more making her new friend blushed so deep it made her looked a ripe tomato.


“oh shut up and watch the game Lee Yunmi!”


They teased each other more like most old friends would until the game  finished. Their school had won, much to Yunmi’s disgust.


“Damn I bet for the other school. Lost a few won!” she grunted making Dara laugh. Both girls decided to stay on the stands, waiting for the sun to go down when one soccer team player shouted at them below


“Hey! Yunmi-ah! Captain said party at his house at 9!” he spared Dara a glance before his eyes trailed back to Yunmi


“Bring your friend if you want!” he shouted again before jogging back to their locker room


“tell your captain he needs to pay me for losing  15000 won Daesung! And stop calling me Yunmi!” Yunmi shouted back. Irritation written all over her face.




The silence beside her made her looked and found her friend gaping at her like a fish




“you knew them?” Dara needed to ask


Yunmi looked at her friend weirdly as if she had grown two heads


“well of course! The captain is my boyfriend” she laughed


Dara looked confuse. “But…but… I haven’t seen you together. And you talked like you hated him. and… ya! How could you bet for the other team when your boyfriend is playing with ours?”


“Oh Dara babe.” Yunmi chuckled. “I just love pissing him off. And come on. It’s not like I’m dating a celebrity that I needed to announce to everybody that I am dating a soccer captain. Plus it’s Jung Yunho. He’s cold and arrogant and a moron. Dating him hardly counts as an advantage. ‘well he’s well hanged… but that’s it”


Dara’s eyes widened a bit just knowing that her friend was buggering the school’s soccer captain. She’s not a virgin herself but then just hearing Yunmi talking like it’s the most natural thing on earth to someone she just met  (not precisely new) makes Dara so proud that she finally met some one as open minded as her.


“So… you want to come? I promise you’ll like it. Plus drunk Jaejoong is not as fucked off as normal Jaejoong” Yunmi played with her fingernails, sparing her friend a wicked grin “I promise”


Dara was so intrigued she just nodded without saying more words




Of course- much to Dara’s annoyance she only had seen the guy close to midnight. She had spent the past hours irritatedly ogling at her friend snogging the soccer captain or fending herself away from the advances of the other soccer players.


She of course made sure that she looked good that night considering it’s the first party she would attend on that school. She wasn’t intending to look all slutty but was close to wondering why her simple low waist fitted jeans and her short but oversize shirt that shows off her slim waist and flat tummy would give out a trampy look. That if she based it on the reaction of the people in JungYunho’s party.


The party, in Dara’s opinion alone wasn’t much of a party because she had spent it too boringly she was already in the middle of thinking to ditch it and drive home. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was rather feeling dizzy already from all the drinks that she had consumed. Thinking it was the only decent companion for that night. Not that she was trying so hard to enjoy it.


The fact that Kim Jaejoong didn’t even spare her a single glance ever since he came. “Damn asshole! Who does he think he is?” Dara rolled her eyes, downing a glass of vodka, after giving the back of Jaejoong a death glare


Then she heard a chuckle beside her and found another blonde guy smiling at her. “damn you are so shiny” she laughed, not really intending to do so


“You think so? I wasn’t really liking this hair but a bet is a bet so I need to bleach it out” the guy shrugged


“I once shaved my head as a form of a bet when my dad hasn’t show up on my recital” she slurred before dropping her head at the bar. “Oh god! I’m fucking drunk!” she laughed, heavily pushing her head up to sit erect.


The blonde guy moved his bar stool near her and subtly wrapped his arm around her shoulder “No good. I was just enjoying this conversation, stay up. I’ll promise to bring you home later”


“You sure?” Dara drunkenly grinned, looking rather pleased that someone at least was talking to her. Of course with her blury mind she had thought that this guy was friendly enough he wasn’t even trying to get in her pants.




“Why even invite the guy Yunmi?” Yunho glared, wishing he could just wipe away the smirk off his girlfriend’s face.


“My Dad wouldn’t let me come if he’s not here” She shrugged, looking at her drunk friend that is now being cuddled by her distant cousin.


“And you believe me to expect that?” Yunho pushed away from the couch that both of them were sharing. “sooner or later he will cause a scene here and you know what that leads to right?” He half shouted making Yunmi jerked.


“look. Just tell me what are you up to so that I can fix this even before this starts” yunho sat back down.


“fine! I want him to take her out!” She said shortly


The look of horror in Yunho’s face was so instant Yunmi felt like laughing. She knew she had placed the words so wrong her boy friend thought she wanted to get rid of Dara.


“Ya! I like the girl ok! I just want to stir your friend there. She likes him. I bet he was a little if not a bit more attracted to her. The glances are not easily missed  baby” Yunmi grinned


Yunho stared at her unbelievably before shaking his head “No. don’t get Jaejoong into this. He’s been through a lot and you are not going to play with his life because you are bored with yours Yunmi”


Yunho accused then shut up when he was slapped by her “I know I am an evil bitch but at least I know reality. She is not coming back! Do you hear me! Placating him with her memories isn’t going to work! I need to do something and I know Bom would want me too!”


She stood up seething with anger. Looking down at the shell shocked Yunho


“The last thing I am expecting from you is to know and believe that I love you that much not to do such thing especially to Jae!” She paused before glaring at him “ We are through Yunho. I don’t need someone who would accuse me right in front of my face”


She turned around and before walking out of the living glared at Jaejoong who was there to witness what happened


“Bring Dara home. I’m too pissed you wouldn’t want to know what I’ll do right now” hissing at the same shocked friend before sparing a concern glance at the oblivious drunk friend at Yunho little bar.





Dara was in the middle of a giggling fit when someone yanked her out of the chair. She could feel the blond guy snuggling close to her. His lips closed to her collar bones. She knew she didn’t like that at all but her drunken inhibitions wasn’t really making it possible for her to protest.


“Ya!” she yanked her hands away from the person who pulled her out before giggling again when she saw the blonde’s face dropping to the seat where she used to seat


“Kwon Jiyong! Get the hell out of here” the voice was so commanding it took her attention immediately. Eyes widening recognizing the blurry silhouette of the guy.


The blonde guy grunted recognizing it as well “Oh here comes the mighty Jaejoong” the guy laughed, drunkenly standing up as well- swaying a bit


“Oh it is you Jaejoongie” Dara squealed, snuggling at the guy’s chest.


“he….” She hiccupped “I don’t know his name… he said… he would bring me home.” she rubbed her nose against her clothed armpit before wrapping her arms around his waist.


“but… he’s drunk I thought I see four eyes.” Then Dara laughed “ and I was telling him how good you looked earlier and how good you were playing soc… soccer” She murmured incoherently


“and It was too bad you didn’t seem to like me!” Dara sniffed before crying… “and he said I was so stup… stupid because I can’t like you” she hiccupped loudly again “but then I think I do like you”

She continued her drunken confession before darkness consumed her.





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