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If We Could

Chapter 6




The breakfast was a whole lot different affair.


They were giggling together after Jaejoong whispered how good she looked wearing his oversized shirt when Dara’s brother came into view. He was already eating his breakfast as he looked up seeing his sister being tickled by a man he had not known


He raised a brow when Dara straightened out seeing her older brother.


“Hi!” Jaejoong awkwardly greeted. Now a little embarrassed that he wasn’t even wearing a shirt. Seeing a little resemblance, Jaejoong was guessing this is the older brother Dara was talking about.

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If We Could

Chapter  5





Jaejoong sat on his old rusty chair watching her sleep. He had to bring him home a few hours ago just because he had no idea where the girl lived. He had tried calling Yunmi earlier knowing that his friend and the new girl were hitting it off for a few days now.


He of course had seen them together in school. How could he missed it? The girls had been hanging out lately and the fact that Yunmi was Bom’s best friend wouldn’t really be missed out. But Yunmi has been evasive for the last couple of hours already and Jaejoong was left with no other options but to bring her home.


Of course he had liked driving her car. He had hoped to drive one ever since and he had to thank the fact that the girl was so drunk that she couldn’t even drive home. Well aside from the fact that he had hated how drunk she is that she couldn’t even walk straight.

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If We Could

Chapter 4




They sat awkwardly beside each other as the professor discussed some things about their little recital. It wasn’t that big of a planning actually, but a little show to show that the music class was still there- alive.


It was really so simple, students comes up with their own piece. Make it themselves and play it. Of course Dara wasn’t really a composer and she grunted knowing that she wouldn’t come up with anything even if they would give her forever to do it.


Jaejoong watch silently as the girl squirm on her seat. And was gladly thanking god that she was as awkward as him. it wouldn’t be nice if she was as loud and persuasive as the other girls were. He would not know how to deal with it if she was. In fact, Jaejoong wasn’t up to dealing with it even if he knew how.

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If We Could

Chapter 3.




Dara walked like a zombie towards her own car as soon as her last class was dismissed.  She had not gotten over the information that was supplied to her a day ago. She deeply heaved a breath and sat on her car just thinking and cursing life.


She will be having her music class again tomorrow and she will be going to meet that guy again. Dara couldn’t help but to agree with everyone. That Kim Jaejoong, was indeed a beauty to look at.


Yesterday, she had spent the remaining hours before 6 in the afternoon just watching him play soccer. Dara wondered why seeing him ran around with his friends, throwing an occasional smile made her day. It was probably the fact that at least, he was smiling. Unlike her who hadn’t really smile for what seemed like century. She could not even remember when was the last time that she did.

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If We Could

Chapter 2



Jaejoong smiled as he watched her from the bench that she was sitting on. The girl must have been waiting for too long she was already slouching back on the bench her hair neatly tucked at the side of her head as she looked up to the sky.


He concluded that she was probably counting the stars out of boredom and Jaejoong instantly felt bad for making her wait.


He sneaked around her and playfully covered her eyes. Purposely lowering his voice hoping she would not recognize it.


“Guess who?”

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If We Could

Title : If We Could

by lilies_009





Chapter 1


The university soccer team was on the last hour of their soccer practice and everyone was running tired and annoyed. Their captain has been working them out so well that their knees were already shaking a bit.


Jaejoong yelled for Junsu as he tried another instep kick to long pass the ball to their forward player. Junsu immediately took it with gusto, dribbling the ball towards the unsuspecting goal keeper- Yoochun.


Yunho huffed. Rather angry at how the supposed attentive keeper wasn’t paying attention as the ball pass right through his side without any form of resistance. In fact Yoochun didn’t exactly move from his spot and was rather preoccupied by something.

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