Idol’s Wife Ch 3

Chapter 3

With wide eyes Dara dragged Jaejoong away from the clothing rack where he was in the middle of choosing yet again another set of clothes for her

“hey! Those dress would look nice on you! Hey!” Jaejoong was trying to pull his arm away from her clutch.

“Jaejoong this is just too much” She looked at the pile of the clothes that Jaejoong and her managed to pull and tried out already.


“What? That’s just around twenty pairs love” He nonchalantly swat her hands away then went back to the rack that he had left.

“Twenty Jae! That’s twenty shirts and twenty jeans and skirts. That’s is actually a whole lot already”

She stomped her feet just to make a point

the guy who was still busy pulling and checking some clothes out of the rack titled his head towards her. “exactly! That’s just 20 days for you to change in. I can’t just let you walk around wearing the same shirts and jeans now. What would people think of me? That I can’t afford anything for my woman?No! Definitely not a good impression Love”

“But Jae..” She pouted, looking around a little embarrassed seeing all the store employees including some patrons gawk at them, some were even snickering with amusement.

“No buts Dara! Go look for shoes! Shoo!” he playfully kissed her cheek before shoving her away

She looked at the back of her boyfriend incredulously, it looked like he had already made up his mind over the matter and so she knew she can no longer persuade him against it anymore. With half of her heart set to take the task of looking for shoes that she or rather he will be purchasing for her Dara halfheartedly tried a few pairs not knowing that the boyfriend was observing her from a far.

Jaejoong’s frowned, eyebrows suddenly meeting together in between his forehead. He sauntered towards where she was and signaled everyone, including a few gawking patrons to go away. They were escorted out by their bodyguards.

Dara who was still muttering under her breath had no idea what was happening just until Jaejoong sat on the seat before her and took his hand to get her attention.

“What’s the matter love? You are not enjoying this at all?” he questioned

Dara finally looked around seeing the store suddenly got empty except for the store’s cashier who was obviously trying hard not to stare at them.

“where’s every one?” She answered him with another question, still standing.

“Sent them all out for a quick breather” he grinned before guiding her a bit to face him. Taking her hand he kissed her cheek “ What’s wrong? You don’t like the Gucci? Should we go to….Louis?”

Dara shook her head and looked down to their joined fingers.

“Then what is it? You’re tired?” Dara didn’t answer as well “Love you have to tell me what’s in your mind you know I hate to think that you are bothered by me” Jaejoong huffed, a little defeated which cause her to panic a bit.

“No.. No babe” she shook her head “It’s just that…. how am I going to pay for all of these? I mean I know you’re paying for now but… I want to pay you back and…” She looked at the pile of clothes again before pouting. “It would take me forever to pay you back for all of those”

Jaejoong stared at her again, quite not believing that the girl was actually thinking about it. Most girls would probably just swim with those free stuff and not think of repayment.

“aww love” He laughed. moving forward to gather the shy girl against him. He guided her to sit on his lap so that he could tighten his embrace.

“Just having you around is a good payment already” He guided her face down at him and kissed her on the lips lovingly. They kissed for a while, she shifted then pulled away making him groan on the friction it created on his groin

Dara smirked “Kim Jaejoong… you are not going to get hard like this on public places” she playfully kissed him again and intentionally move her ass a bit, grinding it down against him.

“Oh fuck!” he exhaled louder when Dara pulled away again then hugged him loving while resting her head on the crook of his neck and shoulder. The smell of his hugo boss perfume assaulted her senses making her rub her nose against his skin.

“Jae….” she huffed hungrily making jaejoong tremble at the sensation

jaejoong looked around, even checking the ceilings of the store for cameras. He then spotted the dressing room which was a few feet away from where they were snogging. Contemplating on what to do Jaejoong nudge her a bit, squeezing the side of her waist.

Dara gazed at his face under her heavily lidded eyes and laughed at how Jaejoong pointed her attention towards the dressing room.

“Ya! Sandara Park!” He growled

“JaeJae! How could you!” she playfully smacked his chest! “This is not acceptable. You are making me pay for these through making love in public? I don’t think so” She smiled haughtily before grinding her ass down even more

Jaejoong cringed “That is not helping at all Love” He kissed her neck, and licked the spot under her ear.

Dara moaned as she buried her face again on his neck “Jae….home… please…” She begged before Jaejoong guided her up hurriedly. Taking her hand as they walked towards the cashier who was rather perplexed at the two.

“No word out alright?” he warned making the employee nod “wrap these all up and send it to my address, i’ll get back at you later for the payment” he said before pulling Dara out of the store where they hurriedly went home to finish whatever there is to finish.

Jaejoong was muttering under his breath, glaring at her for even attempting to seduce her and then not allowing him some release. Telling her how his groin hurts so much

Dara was just laughing at him as she allowed him to drag her back to the parking lot in a hurry.

“Babe! How about this one?” Dara twirled around, making him see how the gucci short black dress look that she was trying out again

Jaejoong peeked right through his glasses and studied her girlfriend for a few seconds

“Sexy” he answered shortly before reading again. This has been going on for the past one hour. Dara was happily trying every clothes that they purchased and was doing her own fashion show for him.

It didn’t take long for his attention to be called again.

“it’s beautiful love”


“compliments your eyes very well”

“But Jaejae… you are not paying attention anymore~” she whined before flopping down on the bed

“I want to wear this one for a job interview. Do you think this one looks too extravagant for that?”

That grabbed his attention

“What job? Where? Why didn’t you tell me about it?” he shoved the book down and laid on his said, head resting against his hand.

Dara rolled on her side too. Leveling her stare with him

“Marriott – Events and PR director” she smiled, her fingers now running at his bare chest. She waited for his reaction but it didn’t come. Instead Jaejoong was just looking at her intently Dara was not sure what the guy was thinking.

“Jae… what’s wrong?”she asked, now worried that her boyfriend wouldn’t like it or worse him thinking of kicking her out once she gets the job. Because Dara really wanted to stay.

Jaejoong pulled her closer, wrapping her in a hug that was even tighter than their usual hugs. Jaejoong wasn’t talking at all. Instead they stayed in that same position for what seemed like hours that Dara lost track of how long it was.

“You know I love you right?” he asked then all she could do was to nod

“Jae you are scaring me” she scooted closer, arms encircling his waist as well.

“Shh… listen” Jaejoong finally pulled away. He took her two hands and kissed it before talking again

“I don’t want this” he pleaded

Dara immediately got confused and scared “ what? You don’t want what? Me?”

Jaejoong’s eyes widened “ No! Of course not. I meant I don’t want you to take this job. I want you here… all for myself”

Dara cringed “but babe…”

“No listen!” He hissed, not really intending to do so. Jaejoong can’t believe that he was going to suddenly feel so insecure and unsure

“I’m sorry… No.. I meant… please… please.. just stay home?” he pleaded

“you are not making sense at all here babe. That would make me so unproductive you know” She smiled again. Making him melt into a puddle of love sick gooey.

Jaejoong giggled, suddenly forgetting his nerves. He pulled them both up to kneel facing each other. Dara just stared at him not knowing what to do. She could not find reasons why her boyfriend was acting weirdly.

He took her hand. And then fished out something on his addidas pants. “I have a job for you…and I thought you might consider taking it?” he slid a white platinum engagement ring into her finger. The Diamond that lay beautifully above it sparkled it made Dara gasped

She gaped at it for a few moments before she squealed with excitement. She jumped right to his embrace, raining kisses all over his face

Jaejoong sighed in relief. “hooo! I take that as a yes then?”

“Of course it is a yes! One Big wonderful YES!”

“Thank you”

“but… getting married to you is an obligation babe. It barely qualifies as a job” She lectured him

which he answered only with a confident huffed

“hey! Being an Idol Wife is not easy you know. You get to cook for me”

“I don’t cook babe! And you know that! Unless you want to eat burnt rice”

“well you get to do laundry?”

“I enjoyed that a little”

“you will have to drive me to shoot locations”

“that’s Mr. Manager’s Job Babe”

“We can make pretty babies and i’ll cook for you at least once a day? How’s that sound?”




“yes love?”

“Do I get a gold name plate for this too?”

“Yeah yeah! “Sandara Park Kim-The Idol Wife” Better?”

Dara was silent for a while before she was able to answer again

“Nahh! I think Kim Jaejoong’s Wife would be best” She grinned

Jaejoong laughed before tickling and kissing her “I think so too!”


[  -a/n –

ohhh soooo fluffffffffffffffyyyyyyyy nyahahahaa.. i was in an urge to make the two make love in the store’s dressing room but decided to go against it! thinking that it would make another scandal if the two are caught having sex in public! plus JJ and Dara are a private person.. so… i chose no sex for this one! as you can see, i tried to write this as close as reality!! *hint hint hin there!!!! Nahh i’m kidding

ready for some tear jerker for the next short but complete story that I will post???? comment please…

Thank you guys for subscribing! and for commenting! i do have a few more on my hard disc…. still contemplating whether to post or not. hehe and please do subscribe

oh btw like i told you.. the link to where i got the inspirati0on to write this.. but i bet you won’t be reading it because 1 it is slash… 2. it’s harry and draco…and 3 it’s heavily rated.  haha but you should try reading it though. and see the difference between the original and my version. and btw that writer is my fave. ]


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