Idol’s Wife Ch 2

Chapter 2

Jaejoong watched her back as she stood looking out of the window silently he knew she was not even seeing anything visible out of it. Dara had been standing there at the same spot ever since they arrived at his penthouse that same afternoon.

How long has it been? It was already dinner time which meant his girlfriend for 2 years has been standing there for 3 hours already right after they got out of the court room.

He had never seen her looked so devastated and lost before. Not during the time when her cat Daddoong died.

Not even when her father suddenly showed up asking for asylum because he had gotten so bankrupt his new family threw him out.


Jaejoong berated himself mentally because he was so relieved that the proceedings already ended. Almost forgetting about how Dara felt of the lost. And now seeing her so quiet and withdrawn made him guilty and worried at the same time. In fact it is her silence that made Jaejoong so worried.

After what seemed like a half hour more of contemplating whether to approach her or not, Jaejoong walked towards her silently, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing the curved of her neck while smelling the flowery and citrus scent that is so unique about her. .

He was glad and relieved to feel her sagging back, leaning against him as he tightened his arms around her to comfort her further.

Both stayed in that same position for some time before Jaejoong felt safe enough to start inquiring “What’s the matter love?” he asked cautiously

Dara didn’t answer instantly. He could hear her taking a deep breath and then her shoulders suddenly shook which was a sign that she was already crying.

“I… I lost everything Jae. My car, my house… everything” she cried silently. He knew exactly how hard the girl worked just to get everything that she wanted. She had worked so hard for those things but they just took it away. And probably what hurts the most about it was that Dara loved them. She loved YG Entertainment. Especially the people in it.

Guiding her body to turn around. Jaejoong’s heart broke as she looked up to face him. If there was one thing that he never wanted to witness, that would be seeing her cry. The look in her eyes just broke his heart into million of pieces and if it is just possible for him to carry her pains for her? Jaejoong had no doubt that he will.

He held the back of her head and pulled her again towards him as he kept drawing circles against her back to calm her heavily sobs. Whispering soothing words to assure her that he was there…

“Shh… not everything love. I am still here. It’s ok” he kissed the side if her head as she allowed her to let it all go. She after all had not shown any emotion right after the trial was over earlier that day that Jaejoong was a bit worried that she got into a shock.


He had managed to warn everyone off right before they both set out of court.

He left her side for a mere minute to go out of the court room and face the raging flashes of cameras and video lights that were waiting for them just outside the court door.

After kissing her forehead and leaving her for a while with Chundoong and her mother, Jaejoong stepped out of the door, glared at the sea of paparazzis, fans and haters and spoke

“If any one. And I mean anyone of you will dare speak of anything out of the line to Dara or ask her anything that would upset her more will answer to me.”

“I will not persuade you to stop taking pictures but if I see anything, just any materials at all that will be used to further cause her pain especially if it is not the truth I will make sure to see you in court. I might not know how but I will”

“I have never back down from SMent and I am hell sure I won’t either with you all. She’d been through hell already and the least thing you can do is back off a little!”

Jaejoong hissed before turning around to go back to the girl he swore to protect with his life.

He was back to the court room a few seconds later pulling the girl back to his embrace before leading her out of the room with their body guards lining up around them.

Everything were silent aside from the clicking of cameras and flashes of lights. Dara was cradled into his embrace as she kept her head and face buried into his chest as they got into his car and drove away.

Dara stared at him lovingly as they lay together on his (now their) bed. He was just slightly dozing off after a thorough snogging (make out) session with her. Dara ran her finger at the bridge of his nose down to his lip and chin.

Jaejoong hummed as he marvel the feeling of her soft finger tips against his skin

“What are you thinking?” he asked curiously

Dara smiled “how beautiful you are” she answered truthfully

Jaejoong huffed “handsome is a good replacement for that word you know” he pouted

“hmm… beautiful is better. Besides I meant inside and out you know. Handsome inside and out is

bad grammar don’t you think so? Or probably Pretty is better?” she giggled then laughed when he glared at her playfully, and Jaejoong felt the need to continue the conversation. She at least had forgotten a little of what happened and Jaejoong would just do anything to hear that laugh and giggle often.

But then Dara fell silent again, eyes darting towards jaejoong’s hair as she played with the strands of it.

“I was thinking… should I look for a job now? or….” She paused and then was closed to crying again “I don’t know what to do babe. You think other companies will get me? How about being an actress? You think think they will hire me? But… what if YG stop them? What if they will think I would not honor any contract?” Dara asked but he sounded so unsure and almost pleading

“You have it all Love. I know they will give you a chance to prove your self again” He scooted closer to her and hugged her thin frame closer. Running his hand through her hair as he cooed her to sleep “YG will soon regret letting you go Love. I know they will”

Dara playfully slapped his shoulder “You’re just saying that because you love me” She smacked her lips together

“and that’s a bad thing?” he pulled back, wanting to have a clear view of her face

Dara raised a brow then smiled at him lovingly “No! Not really!” she paused before continuing.

‘Though I am not sure why so…” she heaved a deep breathe which only made Jaejoong realized that she might be thinking of other things rather than just her current situation. He could not help but wonder what would be the other reason for that.

She shrugged “I was just wondering. Why me? I don’t deserve you Jae. Not you or your love”

“What are you saying?”

“I don’t have anything anymore. And please don’t say i’ve got you. I appreciate that but…i can’t offer you anything else. I love you… but you can’t just live with that fact Jae. I can’t provide you with anything but just that”

“hey! Hey! I am the guy here. If there is someone who should be providing you with every thing that you needed it should be me” He protested “And I am not asking for anything more Dara. I love you and you love me isn’t that enough reason for this to continue?”

Satisfied by his answer Dara smiled at him lovingly caressing his cheek and then proceeding into kissing his lips. “it is Jae. Of course it is”

“Don’t worry okay? Everything’s all right love. I’m right here”

Dara looked up again enough that her face was a few inch away from him and saw his loving and protective gaze at her. And to Dara…. probably it was enough reason for her to move on.

“I love you” She smiled before leaning in to kiss his lips.

And those words were just enough for him to know that he had made the right choice of fighting for the one he loves

“I love you” He kissed back with eagerness as they latched into each other as if he was her only source of strength and she was the meaning of his existence.

[a/n i was supposed to end it here but then again…. where’s the IDOL’S WIFE in there???? *winks…. thanks to those who commented so far! lovely ladies… I love you!. now now…. fluffy ending is the one that you want i assume? hehe post up and comment babes. i love you <3lilies unnie


2 thoughts on “Idol’s Wife Ch 2

  1. Huhuhu I’m crying with her… YG you … Please forgive Dara! She doesn’t deserve it .. Don’t worry Dara Jaejoong will be there for you .. Thank you unnie for a great fic !

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