Strawberry Marmalade

by : Howdarehee


Having faced defeat for the Nth time in a row, Dara leafed through the pages of the cupcakes and pastry recipe book with a heavy heart. It was actually part of the props of Bom’s You and I MV but the staff, after seeing how Bom was into baking sweets, decided to give her the book after the filming was done. And Bom, after seeing how eager her best friend was to learn a new recipe on her own, lent the book to Dara.

News of YGE’s resident muse baking in the kitchen spread like wildfire on the whole YG building and out of curiosity, the members of legendary idol group Bigbang all found themselves sneaking in and secretly spying on what their adorable noona was doing. Heck, even the usual apathetic Yang Hyun Suk couldn’t avoid peeking on the kitchen. However, it should be revealed that his reasons were for safety precautions because technically, Sandara Park was off limits from the kitchen premises. This was due to the fact that whenever she enters the place, it’s either she ends up burning one of her fingers or she mindlessly cuts herself. This went on and on until Chaerin felt that something had to be done. And on one fateful day, when Dara’s swelling (not to mention abnormally fat) finger got into her nerves, The 2ne1 leader finally had the courage to say the words “YOU UNNIE WHO ONLY KNOWS HOW TO COOK INSTANT RAMEN AND KIMCHI PANCAKES, OUUUUUUUUUT!!!” to the older girl face to face. And that was it, Sandara was banned from the kitchen ever since.

Everyone in YGE knew about that story so they all found the baking scene mind-boggling but when Chaerin had explained to them that that day was an exception because Dara wanted to make something special for her hospitalized boyfriend, they immediately understood. After all, there is no stopping a woman in love.

And that woman in love, by the way, just so happens to be having a major predicament at the moment. She was running out of flour for her baking stints all resulted to inedible (euphemism for poisonous, deadly and toxic) and stone-hard slabs of charcoal. She could’ve had asked help from Bom or Chaerin and things would’ve gone more smoothly but she wanted to accomplish the job on her own and now, all that is left in her inventory are strawberries, which were initially intended for cake ornamental purposes only and two kilos of sugar.

But of course, things had been worse for Sandara park. This certainly wasn’t anything that could stop her from doing what she wants to do and so, she thought of the perfect plan; she could just buy pre-made cookies and make her own strawberry marmalade to put on top. That way, the sweets would still come from the heart.

Surely, a bottle of strawberry marmalade wouldn’t demand connoisseurship in baking. Heck, she wouldn’t even have to taste the thing. Like, who would ever fail on making strawberry marmalade?
And so, with that thought in mind, an uplifted spirit, and a rekindled flame of hope flickering in her heart, Sandara went back to cooking.

“WOW!” Jaejoong’s face lit up upon seeing what his girlfriend brought for him. He then opened the box and showed it to everyone in the room, bragging to his heart’s content.

“Aww…You brought chocolate pudding”, he exclaimed happily as he held the opened box like a treasure

Sandara was glued to her spot, speechless. All the color seemed to have drained out of her face and rubbed on unto Bom because the latter was turning rosy pink from holding in her laughter. Jaejoong’s cluelessness suddenly made her want to sprawl on the floor and laugh her heart out but out of courtesy and sympathy for her friend, she only managed to let out a low snicker

“BUT OPPA, THOSE ARE SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE COOKIES WITH STRAWBERRY MARMALADE ON TOP” as if on cue, Minji (always the blunt and innocent one) suddenly blurted out.
All the DBSK boys gulped, including Jaejoong.

Chaerin, unable to control the nagging urge to laugh, immediately dashed out of the room. A loud and mocking “WAHAHAHAHA” was then heard from the hospital hallway after the door was closed. Sandara’s usually large doe eyes turned into slits, no doubt, she was upset at how her band mates behaved. All of them, especially Lee Chaerin, were due for a lecture.

Jaejoong, however the circumstances, still took every strawberry marmalade smothered cookie with gusto. He must’ve liked them so much that he didn’t even bother to share. Love makes everything sweet as they say and besides, it’s the thought that counts. (Why am I even justifying?)

No one ever knew what that strawberry marmalade tasted like except for Jaejoong but by the pleased look on his face, it must probably be one of the best tasting strawberry marmalades ever made.


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