Lost in translation

by. howdarehee

Am I doing this right? If not, I’m really sorry. T.T but this is my first post so i expect leniency from everyone 😀

P.S. Sentences in italics are either chaerin’s words or lyrics

Doing the Shibuya district excursion alone was such a bad idea. Now, here I am, completely lost. I should’ve brought Ddokchae or MinKki along because they have excellent command of the Japanese language but I thought I could survive with my English proficiency and now, I realize that I was dead wrong. It turned out that like Koreans, The Japanese are very shy with foreigners. And expecting to converse with non-English speakers -what was I thinking? I can’t even get myself on a cab because I just can’t understand a word that the drivers are saying

And to add more to my mishap, my phone’s dead.

Great Dara, just great.

Well, might as well practice the little vocabulary I learned from Chaerin


It means hello, you say konnichiwa in the morning and konbanwa in the afternoon

I feel like an idiot bowing to everyone who crossed my way while saying “konnichiwa”

“Konnichiwa” I bowed to an ahjumma who was clad in a matching grey blouse and skirt but she pretended to be looking unto somewhere far -blatantly ignoring me.

“Konnichiwa” I bowed to a group of highscoolers but they ran off the moment I opened my mouth

“Konnichiwa” I bowed to an ahjussi who wore a long black coat on top of his shirt and carried with him a large dark suitcase. He was busy talking on the phone when I approached him, obviously absorbed in the conversation because he was laughing like a lunatic but he turned pale the moment he heard me saying “Konnichiwa” in an obviously different accent.

Ugh. How insulting. Do I look like a ghost or something?




I was now chanting it like an endless mantra

“KONNICHIWAAAAAAAAAAAA” I was now yelling the word on the streets of Shibuya out of frustration. It was such a pitiful sight

Aigooo!!! Why are you running away from me? Do I smell bad?

Finally, before all hope was lost, a halmoni.

Ahahaha! You can’t get away from me


That’s a way of saying excuse me politely

“Shitshureishimasu, ma’am I’m lost, can I please ask directions on how to go to Shangri-La hotel?” I politely bowed as I spoke.

The old lady’s brows then furrowed. She was giving me looks as if I was an alien but I waited for her to open her mouth and she did, slow and steady

Her hands then moved animatedly as she spoke “meikutakushikamusupeekuserekulueeyanhoteru”

Sumimasen” I replied with a weak smile and bowed in full 90 degrees

It means thank you. It originally means sorry in a very polite way, but you use it to give thanks when you feel like you don’t deserve the favor so, it kinda means, sorry for the bother

I think I stressed her too much. To think that she took the pains to fish whatever vocabulary she had to help me, all her efforts were put to waste because I utterly understood nothing. I felt guilty. I then let out a heavy sigh as I dragged my feet to whichever place it’ll lead me but then, Ugh.
I had bumped into a man but it felt more like what I bumped unto was a wall because his chest was as hard as stone

“Aigooo!!!” I blurted out in my worry

No, no-no! That’s not it, it should be

Gomen kudasai” I uttered. My hands were wagged in mid air so animatedly as I spoke that the guy must’ve mistaken them as chicken wings on first glance

It means sorry too, it’s the polite way of saying sorry but Japanese slang accepts gomen

“Sandara Park?” I heard the man speak in a bewildered tone

“ehh?” I said as I looked up, now as flustered as he was

That face, it looks so familiar. Aigooo!! It’s Kim Jaejoong ! Even with black sunglasses, a beanie and a scarf hiding half of his face, I could tell it was him. Like, who wouldn’t notice THE Kim Jaejoong?

“OMO, they’re coming” he exclaimed as he dragged me without notice. I looked back and saw a mob of about thirty rabid fangirls chasing after us -or rather, him

We ran through alleys, though the smallest corners and almost through everything squeezable. And when the fangirls were finally out of sight, we stopped running to catch our breath. We continued to pant for several minutes before I broke the silence

“ I think we lost them” I declared in between huffs

“Yeah, sorry about that” he was apologetic. He looked at me with concern written on his face

“Nahh” I assured him “its okay. I’m actually glad our paths crossed” What I told him was the truth

“Really?” he beamed. It made blood rush to my face

“No – I mean, I’m glad because I was lost before you found me” I explained

“Oh” he pouted. I thought right there and then that it was the cutest pout I’ve ever seen but then before I could even fully content myself with appreciating the sight that I was seeing, we were caught in sight

“Jejung-samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” A shrill voice came from the end of the alley

“Jejung-kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun” Another voice echoed

The alarmed Jaejoong now held my hand with a tight grip and started to sprint, dragging me in the process

Why am I letting myself being dragged again? Oh right, I’m lost. I need him to get home

“I’m really sorry Darasshi” he yelled as we dashed like there was no tomorrow

“It’s okay sunbae” I tried to reply as I gasped for hair

Okay? Liar!

After a few minutes of nonstop running, We really lost them for good

“The coast is clear” He finally declared

I then threw glances on the left, on the right and even looked back to make sure. I was as alert as a soldier in battle.

Parallel vision, clear. Peripheral, clear. Rear, clear.

I sighed in relief upon having been assured that there won’t be any rabid fangirls coming our way but just when I thought that things couldn’t get any worse, the sky turned into an ominous black until the rain started to pour, soaking the two of us like poor hapless wet chicks

“Follow me” He ordered me as he again yanked me by the arm and led me to a traveler’s inn

Man, why does this guy drag girls like it’s such a normal thing?

He then left me on the receiving area in front of a Zen garden to talk to the receptionists

“You need to change, you’re wet” He announced when he came back

“Ehhh?” I stared at him with widened eyes. It was the most preposterous thing I’ve ever heard

“The helper will be here in a few moments to help us change into kimonos” his eyebrows creased, as if he had read my thoughts

“Oh” I let out a chuckle to hide my embarrassment. Pervert me

Just then, a petite and pretty Japanese girl came to me and led me to a room to fit in and since girl kimonos are always harder to put on than the men’s, when I came back, Jaejoong was already long done. And must I say, he looked godly in it.

I then saw him gazing so intently at me, following me silently with his eyes and it made my heart flutter. Not to brag or anything but people always say I look stunning in a pink kimono

I smiled sweetly at him which made him snap out of his daze

“Hey, they have a private noraebang here. Wanna sing to pass the time?” he offered me when he had recovered

Does this guy ever think of other things besides singing?

“Uhmm” I closed my eyes and made a face- pretending I was thinking hard. “Okay” I finally declared and I saw his whole face light up.

“Great” He exclaimed and again, as if on instinct, he impulsively grabbed hold of my hand. I anxiously looked at it and he noticed

“Sorry” he smiled awkwardly, embarrassed pink

When we had arrived on the private noraebang room, Kim Jaejoong was all serious about playing gentleman and it melted my heart

“You pick first” He insisted and I conceded with an “Okay”

Aigooo!! All Japanese songs! I searched through the entire list, carefully perusing every page of the song list

Aha Bigbang! After finding my brothers’ band name on the list, my face lit up but then It turned gloomy at the very moment the lyrics flashed on screen

Aigooo!! It’s in kana. How am I supposed to read this? Aishh! No matter, I have the song memorized by heart anyway And so I started to sing…

Koe wo kikasete
Sunao ni nareba kitto
Wakari aeru hazu sa
Kokoro wo hiraite
Koe wo kikasete
Aruitekita michi wa bokutachi ni totte kitto
Taisetsu na STEP sa sono mirai e no

It went smoothly until came the rap. I struggled to give the song justice but dang it

Crap. It’s an epic fail.*

He clapped his hands enthusiastically when I was done. I’m not sure if it was to praise me or to show his appreciation that finally, I’m done

“My turn” he said as he tapped on the numbers, he had already chosen the song before I was done singing

Dare mo ga dare ka ni aisareru tame ni
Kono yo ni inochi wo kiramekaseru no sa
Sore ga moshimo boku nara mou ichido kimi no kokoro no wo
Towa no yasashisa de atatameru yo

Ahhh… How he sang it beautifully. This guy’s voice is really to die for

I felt like I’m was being serenaded by one of Korea’s greatest balladeers.. Err wait, he is one of Korea’s greatest balladeers but please do scratch the serenade thing, we’re in a noraebang slash karaoke for crying out loud

After singing a few tracks on the Karaoke, our now dried clothes were delivered on the noraebang room. I went to another room to change and it was then that I had a glimpse outside from a glass window.

“The rain stopped” I announced when I came back. I was half-relieved but at the same time, I felt bad that it had to end so soon. I was enjoying his company

“I think I need to go” I finally declared. My friends would be worried sick if I come home late

“Awww” He pouted, but then he nodded his head as if he understood before finally saying his “Okay” and escorted me to the receptionist

“Jaejoong sunbae?” I called for his attention when he was done talking with a staff

“Yes?” He smiled so sweetly that I couldn’t help but blush

I then sheepishly fished for a piece of paper on my pockets. It was a receipt for the little stitch key chain I bought for MinKki

“Can I borrow a pen?” I turned to the receptionist and smiled and she smiled back and handed me my request. Upon getting my needed paraphernalia, I handed him the paper and pen. He flashed me a smile and wrote down his number

Haha! Aren’t you too obnoxious for your own good?

“Uhmm” I chimed. “ Jaejoong sunbae”

“Yes?” He now diverted his attention to me

“It was supposed to be for your signature” I said in between amused giggles

“Signature?” confusion was written all over his face

“It’s for my sister Durami, she loves you guys” I explained with a grin plastered on my face

I think I’m starting to love you too

“Oh! Hahaha” he let out a nervous chuckle and asked for a piece of paper from the receptionist in Japanese . He then signed it like I told him to

“Thanks” I showed him my pearly whites as he escorted me to the exit

“No problem. Thank you too. I had fun” he said as he called for a cab and opened the door for me

He instructed the driver in full Japanese and then diverted his attention to me

“Ja matta” he uttered

It means see you

“Ja matta ne” I said as I damped my lips on his left cheek. I didn’t know why I did it but I just did. I then rushed inside the taxi out of embarrassment

Aigoo! Dara! What were you thinking?

I looked at the taxi’s rear glass window and I saw the poor guy lost in oblivion, I found him so cute at it that I ended up giggling to my heart’s content
*Please note that YG artists are perfectionists. It may sound crappy for them but, lol we couldn’t even tell the diff. hahaha
The original dara thoughts were in italics back in jdb but i decided to drop the formatting Why? IDK. lol


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