Billionaire’s Last Love

Chapter 18

Jaejoong unconsciously tightened his grip on the backrest of his office couch. Nails almost breaking the leather covering it. Closing his eyes as he breath in and out harshly- a none effective way to even out his ragged breathing.

Shim Changmin cringed. Witnessing his boss and friend’s jaw tightening. He could vividly hear the gritting of the others’ teeth as he make careful steps around him. The secretary whom he have asked for some water for Jaejoong was silently on his toes as well, too damn afraid to make a sound that would further irritate the boss.


He offered the unopened bottle to Changmin and almost ran out of the office in fear of losing his job or worst… his life.

Changmin knew how to work his way in and out of Jaejoong. And if it means silently standing there for a good hour or two then so be it. He was pretty sure that the older male was so pissed that a little sound would cause him to further explode and would probably turn his well cleaned- well organized office into a pile of shuttered junks.

Changmin could not blame the latter if ever he decided to trash his place though. Seeing Sandy Park suddenly all too enchanting as if shining like a star in a dance ball with a prince claiming her as a fiancee would make anyone who knew the fish vendor girl go crazy.

Who would have thought that Sandy Park was not just a mere fish vendor? Pretty? Yes. Gorgeous? Absolutely. Smart? Definitely.. Mysterious? A fact. But a fiance to this suddenly known extremely rich man Choi Dongwook who just made himself known for a mere two weeks in the elite business world of Korea…. that’s just absolutely unbelievable.

Changmin almost choke at the sight of her a mere hour ago. Plus the fact that in there stood an equally enchanting entourage of gorgeous men he met on the island of Jhungwa. The thug Teddy whom he considered a little disturbing seeing his all wanna-be American loose shirt and pants get up. The Daesung guy who would make him laugh just seeing his happy face, the Micky Park and his men whom he had met the day of Jaejoong’s return and Mr. Choi Dongwook and his tall blonde bodyguard.

Changmin couldn’t help but think of the lies those people have fed them. Who are they? Who is exactly is Sandy Park.?

His trail of thoughts flew when Jaejoong’s voice broke the silence. Cursing at the phone where he kept dialing a number that seems to not exist anymore. The pretty guy made a gesture, lifting his hand and aiming the said handy phone to the glass window. But Changmin’s presence of mind stopped him.

“Hyung give me that!”

“The damn phone is not even working Min” he had his head low-almost like defeated. Dropping the phone on the couch before walking towards the glass wall that allowed him to see the city of Seoul.

“It does and you know it” The younger man claimed. He grabbed it away from the older guy and dropped it on the couch. He then opened the water bottle that he was holding and handed it to his friend.

Changmin may find it hard to say the words that were true but may hurt Jaejoong. But he knew he had the obligation to..

“She….” he hesitated, running his hand through his hair. “She’s not my Sandy” he said it through his shaky breath, still convincing himself that what he saw wasn’t real.

Changmin shook his head.

“Of course she’s not hyung! It’s a damn fact that she has been lying to you! Her name might not even be Sandy for Chirst’s sake! The fucking island boys weren’t even the island thugs anymore! They were there because of her. I won’t be surprise anymore if she turned out to be a princess of some country we don’t even know”

Jaejoong’s eyes widened. Realizing that everything that the younger guy have said were true. It did explained her amazing green eyes, the dialect, the reason why they hide, the very reason why Micky was obviously disapproving them…

Suddenly remembering that one time….

I am engage. In fact I am engage even before I was born”

Jaejoong’s world even crumbled more… understanding what exactly was going on.

“Every… everything we had wasn’t real Min.” Jaejoong felt nauseated, his knees weakening while his heart was painfully beating against his chest. “She was…. never mine Min. Never mine…”

Changmin stared in shock as Jaejoong braced himself against his glass wall. Body sliding down and settled against the floor. Then he saw him shaking with anger and self pity. But what surprised him the most was when Jaejoong suddenly allowed himself to cry in front of him, not even attempting to wipe it off- allowing his tears to flow like he wasn’t aware of it.

“Hyung”… the younger guy knelt beside him. Hands tapping the knees to get his attention. Changmin didn’t get a response though.

“Go home and wait for them to come to you hyung”


It was long gone before Jaejoong finally found his strength to go and drive home. The journey from his office down to the parking lot was agonizing that each steps radiates to his whole body. It ache tremendously that walking alone became too painful.

Now regretting at how stupid he was for sending his driver for a forced day off earlier that morning Jaejoong cursed as walked towards his car- keys dangling around his fingers.

Cursing under his breath as he grabbed the car door and swings it open but was stopped when a hand grabbed it and slam it shut again.

Jaejoong in defense whirled around, knocking his back in the car. He was about to curse aloud again when the two guys who looked like they were ready to beat him shoved him harder against the side of his car.

“I’d rather you hold that tongue back and listen” the man hissed against his ear. Which made the businessman froze on his spot. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to retaliate. He did. But his body went still like as if he had lost his ability to control it.

“You will not spoke unless you were address to nor move unless allowed. Do you understand?”

He nodded

“Good. Shall we?”

He nodded again his yes. Breathing so hard he didn’t even think of saying it out loud.

Then the next thing he saw was darkness.


Jaejoong stirred awake, feeling the back of his head throbbing in pain. He groaned as he carefully open his eyes and was blinded by the light right above his head.

“He couldn’t even fight to save his life!”

“Such a paper doll!”

“how are we able to respect that man when he has nothing but some goons he pays to protect his pompous ass?”

“we retrieved him like a free fruit from the garden. No resistance at all”

Jaejoong heard Laughter. Language he perfectly could understand

“He’s a human! Say more and I’ll cut your devilish tongues!”

Jaejoong stiffened at the familiarity of the voice. He swore he knew that at that moment on. His life wouldn’t be the same anymore.

[a/n long overdue haha I’m sorry! I’m sorryyyyyyyyyy! School, Job and personal stuffs caught up with everything even editing wasn’t allowed. LOL I understand if u aren’t interested with reading this anymore Y__Y


3 thoughts on “Billionaire’s Last Love

  1. please don’t forget this fic, it’s really good. update soon? i can actually imagine this in a movie. the plots are very convincing. i like the mystery and the thrill. i’m so hang up, i really really want to read the nxt chapters that i’m imagining scences rigth now, hehe like is that poor billionair really just a meer billionair or he also had something hidden/forgotten secrets of his own he burried to the deepest/darkest pit of his existence that he never ever want to remember that was ever part of him.. omg. please dear author please update. thank you.

  2. i hope you update soon, i really love this story. it’s surprising twist is good. i thought at first this is an ordinary rich guy poor girl story, but its not and i really really like it.

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