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Strawberry Marmalade

by : Howdarehee


Having faced defeat for the Nth time in a row, Dara leafed through the pages of the cupcakes and pastry recipe book with a heavy heart. It was actually part of the props of Bom’s You and I MV but the staff, after seeing how Bom was into baking sweets, decided to give her the book after the filming was done. And Bom, after seeing how eager her best friend was to learn a new recipe on her own, lent the book to Dara.

News of YGE’s resident muse baking in the kitchen spread like wildfire on the whole YG building and out of curiosity, the members of legendary idol group Bigbang all found themselves sneaking in and secretly spying on what their adorable noona was doing. Heck, even the usual apathetic Yang Hyun Suk couldn’t avoid peeking on the kitchen. However, it should be revealed that his reasons were for safety precautions because technically, Sandara Park was off limits from the kitchen premises. This was due to the fact that whenever she enters the place, it’s either she ends up burning one of her fingers or she mindlessly cuts herself. This went on and on until Chaerin felt that something had to be done. And on one fateful day, when Dara’s swelling (not to mention abnormally fat) finger got into her nerves, The 2ne1 leader finally had the courage to say the words “YOU UNNIE WHO ONLY KNOWS HOW TO COOK INSTANT RAMEN AND KIMCHI PANCAKES, OUUUUUUUUUT!!!” to the older girl face to face. And that was it, Sandara was banned from the kitchen ever since.

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Lost in translation

by. howdarehee

Am I doing this right? If not, I’m really sorry. T.T but this is my first post so i expect leniency from everyone 😀

P.S. Sentences in italics are either chaerin’s words or lyrics

Doing the Shibuya district excursion alone was such a bad idea. Now, here I am, completely lost. I should’ve brought Ddokchae or MinKki along because they have excellent command of the Japanese language but I thought I could survive with my English proficiency and now, I realize that I was dead wrong. It turned out that like Koreans, The Japanese are very shy with foreigners. And expecting to converse with non-English speakers -what was I thinking? I can’t even get myself on a cab because I just can’t understand a word that the drivers are saying

And to add more to my mishap, my phone’s dead.

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Billionaire’s Last Love

Chapter 18

Jaejoong unconsciously tightened his grip on the backrest of his office couch. Nails almost breaking the leather covering it. Closing his eyes as he breath in and out harshly- a none effective way to even out his ragged breathing.

Shim Changmin cringed. Witnessing his boss and friend’s jaw tightening. He could vividly hear the gritting of the others’ teeth as he make careful steps around him. The secretary whom he have asked for some water for Jaejoong was silently on his toes as well, too damn afraid to make a sound that would further irritate the boss.

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The Blind Date

Disclaimer: Everything written in this fiction is not owned. It is a product of pure imagination. The characters, as themselves, are borrowed for creative purposes only. They do not depict real life situation and events. Must there be any similarities to any literary work and arts, it is simply coincidental in nature and not made intentional. Please be guided accordingly.






That night, Dara found herself unable to sleep. She can feel her chest burning. It must’ve been from too much eating but she ruled out the very thought. It felt more psychological since she’s the type of person who’s hoarding on food.



She pushed herself up and turned on her bedside lamp; its dim effect made the atmosphere a little dramatic.


The clock read 12 AM, a little odd that she’s still awake at that hour when she feels so tired after the day’s activities. Could it be because her dreaded day has finally come? She rested her arm against her forehead while looking at the lush finish of her painted ceiling.



Right then and there, she contemplated deep – deep enough that she could almost drown herself with thoughts. For tomorrow is not just another day but the day she wished would never come.



She looked at her calendar the longest time she has possibly done her life. She focused on the encircled date with a red marker.



As a sign of surrender, she ruffled her wavy locks and released a helpless groan.



“This blind date… Will I go or not?” She began talking to herself and shuffling her hands hard.



“Who might this person be?” Her right hand clutched her chest, her heart pounding ecstatically. She doesn’t understand why she was feeling anxious in the first place and how she hated being set up on blind dates.



“Dam* it, Seungri!” A curse escaped from her lips. Curses, for her, were taboo but find it inevitable to speak.



“You’ll be punished hard. I swear you’ll learn and get it from me.” Now her head was preoccupied with thoughts of punishment to the sole culprit of her impending doom. She must deal with him after everything is settled. Sorry Seungri, Dara-noona will never be easy on you again.



“The more that I think of it… Boy, this is making me crazy!” She sighed.



After too much thinking, Dara suddenly felt very sleepy. Crumpled papers were all over her bed. Not minding the mess, she lazily put off her bedside lamp and drifted to dreamland.



Annyeong yeorobun..^^
Before anything else, I’d like to introduce myself…
A certified Theian at your service, Selina-imnida. *bows 90 degrees*
Lilies, the ever lovely founder, invited me over to share to you whatever I can offer.
It’s my wish to contribute to the tiniest hope Theians, from all around the globe, possess.
Fan Arts, although products of our imagination, make us capable of believing and making dreams a reality.

Sports Emergency and Me2day

Sports Emergency and Me2day

one shot

by lilies_009

“Shit! What the fuck..??” Junsu sprung up from being buried under all his fluffy pillows and stuffed toys when a not-so-soft-thing hit his head causing him to wake up all of a sudden. His eyes went directly to the huffing Jaejoong whose expression he could barely read.

“Get up! We are going out today!”

Junsu stared at the older guy for a while, trying to process what he meant by going out when he knew that they can’t just walk around on the street especially now that South Korea has been hot on their trails.

The older guy even walked around Junsu’s room trying to find the only thing he really wanted to just get his hands into. “Where the hell is it?”

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