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Stalked [Sequel to Beautiful Stalker]

Sequel to Beautiful Stalker

She gave up- Rather too easily granting the efforts she made even before she had the courage to met him. and then when the time came? She just did?

Dara sniffed, stuffing her nose with plies of tissues from the 3rd box right next to her bed. She wailed as she tried to scoop a big spoonful of chocolate ice cream on the pint that she was holding.
“Stupid guy! How could you just cheat on your wife like that!” She cursed throwing the small pink bear right towards her flat screen tv.

She sniffed more, scooping yet another spoon of the sweet treat and gritted her teeth at the burning sensations on her head.
“Oh come on!!!! how could you forgive that cheater again?” She shouted feeling her insides burning


She spared her close door a glance before answering it
“it’s open” she answered lifelessly, mood drastically changed to happier one as she grab the black sunglasses on her bedside table-in an attempt to hide her swollen read eyes.
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Billionaire’s Last Love

Chapter 17

The air almost stilled the moment she came in view. Her silvery long dress glided smoothly on the green grass and her long hair was freely draped on her right shoulder. She was followed by such familiar faces, Yet Yoochun remained unfazed from where he was sitting. Her expression almost remained stoic, pulling off a mask of uncaring attitude that even those that thought who knew her the most were on their toes- too afraid to make a mistake.
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The JaeDy Conference

JaeDy Conference

[a/n something to make you laugh and was written just for fun.. and as a compensation from… can’t make you love me]

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Can’t Make You Love Me

listen to this while reading it.. pleaseeeeeeeeeee i promise it would make the story a lot more better…. 

There’s this strange twinge in my heart every time I see her hug him
The same pang I would feel whenever I see her smile and laugh to her hearts’ content whenever he would crack a joke.
And there’s this certain feeling of regret at times when I see her kiss his cheek 
just to show her appreciation for every little thing he had done for her. 
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