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Billionaire’s last love

Chapter 15

With her hands on her lap, Sandy played with her fingers as she waited patiently for him to finish all the work that was supposed to be done a month ago. She watched him carefully as he flicked and read through every document on the small table that served as his office table for the past few days ever since they came back from their little adventure.

She just came back after selling all her stuffs in the market- much to Jaejoong’s protest of course saying that selling fish wasn’t really a bad thing and was indeed a noble profession but then who would like seeing a girlfriend of a billionaire for that matter having such job?

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If I were a Boy

Chapter 03

“Mr. Park?

The teacher called but no answer came
“Park Daerho!” the teacher called for the second time and yet again…. no answer has been heard. 
The teacher impatiently pulled her white board eraser and threw it towards where Dara has been sitting
Dara felt herself being pushed from the side making her head bump on the crystal window. 
The eraser flew pass through her, missing barely an inch off her head

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