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Digging Kpop Love

Chapter 2

The old man watched in amusement at how everyone in that studio grew tense. He almost chuckled loudly when the Vice President of JDB Broadcasting Company whom he remembered almost begging him a month ago had peeked in the studio and stared at him as if he was about to run away and left them all hanging.

His pink tongue peaked on the side of his mouth and run it smoothly along his dry lips. He then wondered how amusing everything will become if he continues his teasing.

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In which Jaejoong is a Demon Prince and Dara is a Goddess


They met halfway
He instantly freezes
She pulled back as her skin burns

it was a struggle between light and darkness
it was indeed a struggle over the power of darkness and the fight into maintaining what is right.
Evil and Goodness… in between it…. was love.. forbidden and cursed…

Yes, it was neither in heaven nor in hell
that the forbidden Ethereal Affair happened….

hehehe and there u go..
i hope the plot looks interesting..

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Almost Over


Chapter 07



Scented candles, fresh flowers of white and yellow roses along with relatives and a few of important guest slowly filled the reception hall as the church wedding ended solemnly and unexpectedly normal with only a few mishaps on the entire wedding mass.


Bom and Junsu stood just in the entrance of the hall as they welcome their guest, both wearing a genuine smile on their faces. Loud cheers and teasing can be heard inside the reception area as the party proceeded to eating, drinking and dancing.

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