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The FanGels : Rejected Request

The FanGelS ~ Rejected request

(sequel to A Letter from A Fan)

She woke up with a smile on her face
and remembered well the little promise she made

“ahhhh I need to talk to him again”
scratching the back of her head she smiled brightly as she stood up from where she was sleeping
the fresh smell from a thousand of flowers brushed against her face as she walks around trying to look for the person she needed to talk to

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Almost Over

Chapter 6

Jaejoong watch Dara as he sipped on the strong concoction he specifically asked the waiter to give him. And as the strong alcoholic liquid passed through his throat Jaejoong couldn’t manage to even hide the pain as he gulp it while squinting his eyes.

He shook his head in pure annoyance as he remember how his older friend wrap his arms around her protectively. Cursed him but he did wish for Dongwooks death when his jealousy surged up like he never meant to…. but it did. He was dying of jealousy that he even imagined ripping Dongwook’s head off…

He frowned as he watch Dara stealing nervous glances at him. Was she that uncomfortable that just looking at him makes her all too fidgety on her seat?

I swear to god if someone won’t ask me for a dance right now I’ll die with boredom” Yunmi’s voice rang out making Jaejoong jerked up from his seat, he watched as the tall girl got silenced and then abruptly stood up from where she was sitting and went to the dance floor alone.

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Almost Over

Hey guys… thanks for all the comments…
i promise to reply as soon as i have time….

but i will update today… isn;t that nice… bad news though… u know i prmised a jaedy scene next… but here i am cutting it off and putting it on the next chapter.. since it is too long and is not yet finish…

nway… here it is..
it may disappoint you a bit..// kkeke

Chapter 5


Jaejoong bit his lips as he watch his wife’s sleeping form. Her brown wavy hair was gracefully lay against her soft pillow, her lips jutting out a bit, a sleeping habit he finds rather beautiful. He run his fingers on the bridge of her nose, and flinched back a bit when his wife stirred away, rolling on the bed and finally presented her back on him.

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Almost Over

Chapter 04

It was the later parts of their third year of living together when everything started to fall apart. Jaejoong got himself a very good job that requires him to spend some good fifteen hours of his day in his office, minus the fact that the office sends him almost every weekend on God-knows-where business meetings and team projects.

Dara on the other hand busied her self into fulfilling the role of being a good lover. She cooks for him, do his laundry, clean their house, prepare him coffee, and offer him good love making when he feels like doing it. Yes, even their nights weren’t as hot as steamy as before. Sometimes Dara thought that they were just doing it for the sake of doing it.

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Almost Over

Chapter 03



Yoochun’s mouth twitched, fingers tapping on his knee as he watch the exchanges of stories within all his friends. He knew he shouldn’t have done this…setting up a party, luring and almost forcing his other friends that was either too far away to even come home or was too stuck up in the past to even move on. But the long years of silence between everyone was more than what Yoochun can handle that is why he needed to at least use his influence for a week of hopeful reconciliation amongst everyone. Yet Park Yoochun knew that it won’t be easy.

He watch his best friend secretly ogling at his pretty cousin. Jaejoong was free to do so because His wife attention and interest along with Yunho’s date was now being entertained by their dense maknae who at the same time has his hand and mouth busy consuming the baked scallops Yoochun specially ordered for Yunmi and Dara. The three girls were happily chatting with each other, looking rather flushed at how they finally got together again especially for Bom’s wedding.

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Almost Over

Chapter 02

The night started awkwardly hard, with Kim Junsu trying really hard to keep the friendly atmosphere going. Although no one seems to have been talking to one another. Except for a few glances being exchanged. It was for a fact that some parted with great hatred to one another and Kim Junsu was rather ecstatic at how his friends even manage to come together for that night, still hopeful that it will continue just until his wedding is finish.

Bom grew calmer as she looked around, seeing such familiar faces who shares a a good amount of past memories with her. She heaved a deep sigh, a bit teary eyed at how things didn’t go exactly as how they wanted it to be..

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