by lilies_009

She rubbed her hands against her exposed tummy and thigh as she sway to the loud beat of the back ground music. Her eyes remained close, taking in the polluted air that seems to suffocate her. Yet she grew accustomed to it already. Finding the darkness of the club even too bright for her own liking- the darker it is the better for her. At least the guys who came just to watch her naked body dance around the pole would find it difficult to even see her nakedness.
She stretched her legs, kicking up slowly, exposing the little thong that manage to cover her fronts. She bitterly smile remembering how her precious mother have lectured her seven years ago about how precious virginity was and how it should only be given to the only person to whom she will deeply fall in love with.

She deeply sighed… how ironic life is? She now has a job of just giving her precious jewel to anyone who wanted it. Just anyone who could give her enough… just enough to support and pay for rent, and food and school fees of her little one…. And For Dara Park, it was all worth it.

A hand suddenly grab her butt, squeezing it, and All she could do was to close her eyes and pretend to be liking it- when deep inside she already grew numb from all the disgusted things that happened to her life. She swayed harder, pretending and moaning as if the music was her favorite- when all it did was to remind her of who she was and what she was doing.

She was nearing her ending steps when her eyes darted towards a certain man. Dressed in an obvious expensive tuxedo, hands holding the clubs most expensive cigar, wine glass and a bottle of the clubs most exquisite wine lay half empty on his table. His eyes met hers and she instantly felt nervous.

He was obviously not a patron of the club where she was working… it was only the first time for her to see him in there… yet she knew what the guy’s purpose was. The lust on his eyes while he stare at her was just enough for her to know what he came for- HER.

She glided along the stage, she walked passed everyone who would casually grab her arms, waist, and behind as if every part of her body belongs to them.
But her gaze remained at the now smirking man, too expensive for her taste. She needed to use him tonight… She smiled as she took the empty seat right next to him..

Much to the other men’s protest and grunting.

“how long will this one needs her services” She wondered


She watch his broad back heavily rising and falling as he puff hard on the cigar on his hands. His face remained emotionless for the past hour, and Dara Park was growing tense every minute that pass by.

It was their 30th night together. The last night when their supposed to be contract has ended. The last night the guy is going to spend in South Korea for he has to travel back to America where his main office is located. But the guy she have come to know as Kim Jaejoong has no intention of letting her go. It was hard for her to let go of the opportunity that the businessman has offered her but Dara was far from agreeing.

He has offered her more money… a good shelter…a home for the two of them. But it didn’t convince her to let go of the current life she has been living. She has someone else to live her life with. She knew Kim Jaejoong won’t let that someone get in between them.

Just like every man who promise to give her everything…….
But gave her up… because she was committed to someone- someone who’s life has been purely miserable. Someone who doesn’t deserve any cruelty in this world.

“I can’t” She shook her head “I can’t stop…. I won’t”
Her voice trailed across the dark room as the business man span around angrily.
Eyes piercing right through her…

“Being a slut is what fulfills you then?” his voice was almost a whisper yet it manage to pierce right through her bones. Making her shiver with its mockery.

She stare at him, eyes almost begging him to just understand that she was not capable of loving someone else… she’s not capable of living a simple life where everything is just provided freely for her.

Because it would only make her feel more like a slut. Someone who has been bought along side a street, a club.

And because she knew that Kim Jaejoong would strip her away from the only identity she have…
an identity she didn’t really like- but has no choice but to live because it is her. It is something she can call as hers.

And what if Kim Jaejoong grew tired of her, dump her when he finally gets done playing with her? What will happen to her and her little Soo?

“I wish i could just lie and tell you that it is only your love that I needed but i am a stripper and it will take you more than just that to own me” she whispered, head falling down, facing the floor. For it is the only thing she could manage to face now.

She have told countless lies, yet this one felt like the most difficult one to utter.

“what else do you want me to offer you Dara?? I am giving you enough to live! Even accepting you being a stripper…and a hooker! all I’m asking is for you to stop and live with me! Is that too hard for you? Is it too hard to just sleep with me and no one else!?” finally Jaejoong’s voice got louder, arms flailing around him, trying to get his point across the girl who manage to pique his interest, the girl who manage to soften his icy heart.

“can’t you at least try just truthfully loving one person… and not pretend to be liking each guy who touches you” Jaejoong’s voice shook with hatred. He was being dump by a mere stripper. Yet the businessman didn’t care much about that fact.

He wanted her because in their month of being together… Jaejoong fell in love with a stranger. A stranger who he knew suffered enough… someone who didn’t act much of a girl who got paid for her services…

Dara’s body shook…
“You can’t love me Jaejoong”

and Jaejoong watch her distraught face “Why?”

“you just can’t” She looked away, turning her back from him, her eyes welled with so much happiness and sadness at the same time.
Was Jaejoong confessing the truth? Is he really willing to take her in….?
Dara shook her head. Of course not! He didn’t knew her well enough to accept her fully.

“What are you hiding from me?” Jaejoong hissed grabbing her arm to face him. Dara’s eyes widens. “Are you married?” Jaejoong asked, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her body close against his chest. He gently kissed her neck while she tilted her head to gave him better access.
Aside from the fact that Kim Jaejoong was indeed a good lover… Dara couldn’t help but to agree that he was the best in bed as well.

“No!” She abruptly answered “I am not married” She closed her eyes when Jaejoong nipped her neck, hands trailing and caressing her tummy under her now lifted shirt.

“Then why?” He span her around to face him. Hands plated against her shoulders locking her in place.

Dara couldn’t answer. Instead she pulled him on his collar and kissed him roughly “let’s just forget about this conversation and enjoy this last night together”

His soft hand gathered her into his arms as he directed their step towards his hotel’s bed. Kissing her hungrily to the extent of sucking her life out. Dara moaned wantonly against the brushing of their tongues as they both fell on the bed, bouncing a bit on the soft mattress.

His hands worked magically on stripping her naked, and in an almost record time manage to strip himself of the irritating clothes he’s been clad with.

She watched his every move through her half lidded eyes. In every stroke, every touch, every kiss and every lick he gave her the pleasure she, in almost every guy she have slept with haven’t gave her. She shivered at the thought that she indeed… have really fell in love with a customer.

“Jae ah!” She moaned loudly when he pushed her up. Cradling her into his lap, while kissing her deeper into her mouth.
“Ride me love” he hoarsely commanded making Dara gasp

Love? No one have dared to have spoken that word to her in all her years. Not once after her parents death… not even during the time when she thought the man who have given her Soo have loved her truly. She was wrong… because Kim Jaejoong have been calling her that way. Addressing her with such admiration and respect. Something she didn’t get with anyone.

She breath deeply, as she bounces on his lap and the guy would push upwards meeting her with his thrust. It wasn’t as forceful as most men were, yet it was careful as if he was afraid of breaking her. And Dara have realized… in a month that they were together… Kim Jaejoong indeed never treated her like a whore. He was gentle and giving…

She stopped and stared at the guy who was covered with sweat. He gaze at her with so much affection that all Dara could do was to well up with happiness. Close in tears she leaned forward, kissing him gently… erasing the worry on him

“I do love you… can you wait for me and let me at least fix my life so that you could at least be proud of me” her tears streaming on her face and Jaejoong kissed it dry. Wet lips kissing every part of her face

“it is not only love that I am offering you Dara… I am giving you myself… my heart…” he kissed her nose “My soul” kissed her cheek “My life… my everything” he kissed her lips gently “And I beg to disagree if you say that I don’t know you because I know you enough”

“What are you saying?” Dara shifted on his lap making Jaejoong moan.

“I know about your kid and I know about the trauma you have with love and it hurts me to think that you will think about me leaving you because of it”

“But.. h..”

“Shhh… don’t ask how… you’ll kill me if you find out” Jaejoong chuckled his hand run on her spine and settled on her butt cheek squeezing it, pushing her up then guiding her down again.
Daras eyes rolled back in pleasure when he pushed up to met her again. Hitting the very spot that could send her to heaven

“how about picking your little Soo tomorrow for a disney trip huh?” He childishly rock up causing Dara’s head to lolled back

“Jaejoong p.. please” She begged him shamelessly when he hugged her from her waist, her back curved in pleasure as jaejoong sucked on her taunted breast. He nibbled on it and sloppily let go. Then he playfully smack her butt check causing her to groan

“now hurry up and ride me love… I need to sleep early.. i’m meeting your son tomorrow right?”
He grinned but stopped his teasing when Dara started bouncing on his lap while crying. He watched her for a few seconds and his heart aches for her.

“I love you… that’s enough reason right? you stripped me off with everything… all i will have is you” he grabbed her and turned them around and kissing her fully on the lips, as he gently rocked their bodies together gently

Dara cried harder, snaking her arms around his neck deepening their kiss
“Please.. don’t leave me”

“I won’t love… I won’t”

————————– The End————————-

[originaly written for Cha me and teddy park.. kekekke
well I needed to make a jaedy version so here it is…LOL]




One thought on “Stripper

  1. I missed u sissy and missed reading ur ficcies..
    I dunno why, but this story really felt so heartwarming. Thank you for sharing this story..

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