All She Wanted was Yoo-Su (sequel to Kpop Surprise)

All She Wanted Was Yoo-Su
a sequel to Kpop Surprise

“JOONGIEEEEEE! Wake up wake up wake up!”
Jaejoong groaned pulling one pillow from the unoccupied side of their bed to cover her face with. He was so tired from their new album preparation, not to mention of course the endless extra errands he have accomplished for his three months pregnant wife.

“Kim – Jae -Joong!?” He cringed hearing that voice early in the morning. A voice that only meant that his wife was getting impatient with something or someone- or in this case someone named Kim Jaejoong.

He slightly opened his one eye just to pretend that he was still sleeping but the sight of his wife wearing almost nothing but her favorite hot pink victoria secret’s lingerie-with a little bump on her tummy took him by surprise that he abruptly sprang up form the bed.

“Wha.. what are you doing Hon?” he nervously asked. It’s been a while since Dara have let him touch her. The growing bump on her tummy was one reason why Dara would never allow a sex during pregnancy.

Dara walked away from the bed and went into their built in closet. She pouted a bit as she looked around seeing the storage occupied by almost three-fourths of her fashion icon husband.
“Hon..? are you going somewhere?” Jaejoong inquired a tad disappointed when Dara pulled a simple floral dress out and wore it. He was sure looking for some love making with his wife… wearing a dress meant no sex for the dear hubby.

Dara span around facing Jaejoong. She bit her lower lip and played with the hem of her dress for a while before finally speaking.

“hmm..?” Jaejoong stood up groggily and walked towards their bathroom, not forgetting to kiss Dara’s forehead when he passed by her

“Can you possibly get me and ChunChun some ice cream, choco dips and mallows today?” Dara inquired shyly making Jaejoong halt on his track, turning around to face his blushing wife.

“What?” He frowned

Dara pouted… “I called him an hour ago, I want to have breakfast with Chun, then eat ice cream in the balcony and give him pink mallows and stuff” Dara’s lips jutted out

“and he’s coming?” Jaejoong’s eyes squinted a bit, not liking the blush he’s seeing on his wife

“Ahhuh!” Dara nodded animatedly as she giggled remembering that the guy will drop by their house in a few hours.

Dara’s excitement didn’t came unnoticed to her husband and Jaejoong didn’t like it a bit.
“How about you call him again and ask him to pick it in the grocer for you?” Jaejoong smugly told her which was then replied by an enthusiastic response- a running Dara
“Ya! Be careful” Jaejoong cringed at the site of his running wife. But his intention was left unnoticed by the giggling wife who is now talking to one of his friends.

“ChunChun… drop by the grocer and get us ice creams, choco dips and mallows for the two of us later?”

Jaejoong rolled his eyes “She’s not even letting him buy for the three of us?” He unconsciously pouted wiping the traces of water off his face while he continued to strain his ears on the telephone conversation his wife and friend were engaged to.

“ahhuh” Dara nodded cutely “Really..?” then she blushed “Alright…” She laughed “okaayyy… i’ll wait for you here then” her eyes flutter “bye Chunnieeee” She put the phone down then squealed like a fangirl


Jaejoong jerked “yes?”

“Go and make yourself some breakfast”


Junsu stared at the grumpy Jaejoong who came in the studio with his eyebrow clashed together. His curiosity even escalated when Jaejoong kept mumbling about an idiot named YooChun and some stupid strawberry ice creams and mallows.

“Hyung what’s wrong?” Junsu inquired

“stupid hormones!” He grunted flopping on the studio couch. Lyrics and sheets instantly fell spreading on the floor.


“Yes HORMONES” Jaejoong finally erupted “he came there, and fucking eat ice cream with my wife!”

“Umm… who?”

Jaejoong snapped on Junsu “who else?”


“he came with those dips my wife were craving for and God! He even brought her favorite strawberry ice cream and even took the effort to make a special order of crispy Kangkong”

Junsu scratched his head, finding it a bit ridiculous at how his hyung would get angry at something so normal. Yoochun likes spoiling Dara with her cravings and so is Jaejoong and him…
“ummm…okay” the younger guy replied shorty making Jaejoong bolt from the couch, standing in front of Junsu who was as well taken a back

“Okay?? you think it’s ok for my wife to cuddle Yoochun as if I wasn’t there? She was pinching his cheeks, telling him how she loves his lips.. Oh my God Junsu! She even said that she wish I would get the same tattoo on my leg! And they didn’t even share those stupid icecream!” Jaejoong huffed angrily


“the night was the worst.. She asked me to wear a headband and stared at my forehead! She was crying and disappointed saying mine isn’t as gorgeous and shiny as Yoochun’s! And damn that Yoochun’s Adam’s apple! She asked me to swallow a chunk of apple saying I should eat more of it as if i’ll grow one if I kept eating it!!!”

Junsu stared at Jaejoong in disbelief. Well his hyung has some point, but Dara is Dara and she’s pregnant.
“Hyung, noona is pregnant, and being pregnant means she’s battling with this hormones as well. Plus I don’t think she sees Yoochun like that… maybe she just grew fond of his forehead and face” Junsu shrugged handing Jaejoong the lyric sheets.

“Learn that, second and 5th parts are yours”

Jeajoong frowned as he tried reading a few lines but frowned after remembering his wife again
“Ya! What if our baby would look like YooChun when he’s born? She’s staring at Yoochun’s pic too much last night!”

Junsu shook his head “that won’t happen… it will have your genes!”

Jaejoong deeply sighed.

Just then Yoochun came in smiling.
He smiled at the glaring Jaejoong and patted his back….
“Hyung! Good morning!” but the only reply he got was a low growl from the older male who then stood up walking towards the nearest keyboard. Hitting a few keys and totally ignoring his friend.

“He’s jealous over the all-i-see-is-chunnie-wife of his” The youngest guy whispered pretending to be scanning the paper sheets on his hands while sipping on his flavored water
“Noona wanted him to grow adams apple” he rolled his eyes and continued reading, missing the mischievous grin on his friends face.

“Here” Yoochun handed him a bag and Junsu took it
Cautiously opened it only to see grilled sweet potatoes inside

“Umm this is for…?” he inquired, tilting his head to the side cutely. Yoochun on the other hand glanced secretly on Jaejoong and his grin even turned into a huge smile.

His phone rang and he coldly took it out of his pocket.
His expression changed when he saw his wife’s name on it.

“Honey?” he answer excitedly “WHAT?” his smile fell “you know I don’t have it…”He huffed disappointed “Yes he does have that” his eyes went directly towards Junsu “alright…. we’re at the studio… we’ll wait” he smugly said “don’t rush and be careful!” then hang up. Spinning his chair around he face the frowning Junsu

“Gawddammit! Now she wanted me to have Junsu’s AMAZING BUTT shit!” he glared at the their youngest

Yoochun laughed – he received a call from his Noona earlier that day, whining about Junsu and his S-Line and that she was craving for sweet potatoes.

“ALL SHE WANTED WAS YOO-SU!!!! and NO JAEJOONG! Aish! She’s coming!Don’t you dare touch her inappropriately Su.. or i’ll have that butt of yours flatten!” Jaejoong growled like a lion on his seat.

——————————————— The End———————————————–


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