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Like a star [Byul] Feat. JaeDy [Jaejoong&Dara]

edited vers. [more effect but has lesser definition/quality

or the first edited vid which has less effect but HD quality

i cried watching this…

lol which isn’t supposed to happen because i was the one who edited and made it

but gawd… i was bawling..

sorry for hurting jaedy again…huhuhu


Hero’s Personal blog : Entry 1 ~ The letter from a fan

Hero’s Personal blog : Entry 1 ~ The letter from a fan

I am Youngwong Jaejoong, Real name Kim Jaejoong, the main vocal and member of a korean boy band known as Dong Bang Shin Ki. A group that is considered as Asia’s Superstars.

Early that morning, our leader Yunho asked me about what choice to make. The guys knew about it as well, Yunho with his usual gentle heart told me that I should go.. while the other members nodded in agreement. They even showed their support by telling me that they will be going with me.

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Chapter 41- How?

The windows were covered by red and gold Victorian curtains. The space that once full of tables, chairs and couches are now gone and was replaced by a few cocktail tables, a mini bar and banquet. Scented candles, white and yellow tulips that she loves were everywhere among the scattered white rose petals on the floor.
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