Modern Cinderella : A JaeDy Fairytale

Chapter 4

Final Chapter


He watched her painfully in the old man’s embrace
His insides twisted with nothing but pure jealousy and regrets.

His turmoil of fighting against wanting to give himself a beating for being too slow to find her and the want to run to the lady and claim her as his own.

But he knew he was too late,
She was announced as someone’s fiancee
And by that, Kim Jaejoong thought that he finally looses the Dee he begged God to meet again.

His heart quickened its pace as he saw Mr. Lee dipping his head towards her for a kiss
a kiss he ever longed for, but could never really get.
His eyes glittered with disgust,
would the old man dare to touch her in front of the heated stares of everyone
Everyone who seems oblivious to the unflattering shiver of her body.

He saw her cringed, eyes almost begging
her unwilling and painful look clearly visible in contrast to the what the old man has.
It was as if she was begging to be saved,
for someone to take her out of the shit hole she has been unwillingly pushed to.

Frowning Jaejoong stood up,
without thinking he strode towards his love,
patted the old man’s back
earning him a surprise yet annoyed response from the great man
and a thankful yet longing stare from the one he’s been missing.

“Mr. Kim?”
The old man’s voice lowered with disappointment
as he stood stiffly on the middle of the hall
The sudden eerie silence engulfed everyone
Finally, the young master of the Kims sudden interest to something
or rather someone was new to them.
Kim Jaejoong has finally decided to partake something
something he would find only as a bore on a party such as this.

“Can I……. sir?”
The old man’s grip around her waist tightened
as if protecting a precious meat he would not want to share to anyone else for dinner
Jaejoong’s face darkened
Mr. Lee’s possessiveness made him think that his Dee was only deemed to suffer
“it is a part of tradition, the lady will dance with the rest of the circle”
He stated in all determination
“She is needed to be studied, tested and… understood, for she might be someone not fitting for a man as great as you Mr. Lee”

He gracefully placed his hands in front of her
Offering it for her to hold
and she took it almost in a blink

Yet his lips tightened to thin line
not a single warm smile that she wanted to see was given
but face with only a cold stare she could barely read.
“A waltz would be nice Ms. Sandara Park?”
he waited
and stiffly she nodded

stepping a few feet away from the still doubtful old man
who has no choice but to retreat back to the same confuse crowd
His right arm, undoubtedly fitted on the curved of her waist
His left hand gracefully traced the silky soft skin on her arm
settling on the hand that seemed so fragile
but strong enough to keep her from falling on her knees

Would he be the hero she prayed for to save her from such fate?

“Who are you honestly?”
Eyes locked with each other as they glided along the music
He was damn doubtful of who she was and who she is
“Was this the reason of you running? Of your hiding? Were you that ashamed for being bought by one of the ruthless businessman in South Korea?”

His mockery made her stop
almost made her heart sunk deeper than it already was
was he the man she’s been dreaming of?
The gentle man she dance waltz with on the secret garden that she and her late father only knew of?
The man she’s been dreaming to have for countless of days?
Was he the Kim Jaejoong, her supposedly hero?

Her beautiful eyes who seemed to mesmerize anyone who would have the chance to stare at it soon fell to closed tightly
a tear fell almost invisible to everyone else but not to him.
The man who ironically would have meant to make her happy
but the one who caused her sadness as well.

“keep dancing, or this waltz will soon end and you’ll get back to the old man like the way you wanted it”
Kim Jaejoong has gone mad
how could he be cruel to her, mocked her and cause her to tears?
He tightened his hold on her hand, gently tapping the side of her waist
an act of comfort from him but only made her winced

“I told you I am not someone worthy for you to lay your precious hands on”
memories they made the first day they met came bombarding their thoughts
how could such sweet moments like those would come
then be replaced by such horrid scene they are sharing now

tell me, what are you after?”
his frown becoming visible,
gritting his teeth as he twirled her around and pull her back for a dip
Eyes locked in her,
if it wasn’t so sinful to kiss someone’s else fiancee’s in front of everyone
Kim Jaejoong would, without hesitation.

She smiled weakly,
staring back to the same black orbs she painfully fell in love with.
Would it make her feel good if she retaliate with the same disgust he was feeling?
“I am after my own happiness and freedom, yet I was robbed from it. But then I hoped and dreamed to meet my salvation, I thought I did, but I guess I was wrong…”
She looked away
unable to look at him anymore
“Being treated like a slave, almost sleeping in an old windowless attic and being sold by materialistic monsters like a prisoner was painful but being mocked by the one….i cared for is truly heartbreaking. My salvation have cause me my death. ”

He stopped,
His tight grip loosened
his body shivered with excitement
“Do you love your salvation?”
he smiled caressing her silk pink cheeks
groaning from the pleasure he felt for finally being able to touch it.

Her eyes widened
finally realizing the situation she was into
She looked around in panic
and met by many questionable stares
and a shout from the old fiancee

“Ya! Young man! I think you have caused such a scene, that is enough!”
the old man strode towards them
almost flying in an attempt to get what he thought belongs to him

He cupped her face, turned it to face him
ignoring the old man who was only a few feet away from where Jaejoong’s happiness is
and he kissed her shamelessly in front of everyone
it was short yet it was real,
so close to the one perfect kiss both of them were dreaming of
“Do you love me?”
he asked,
pushing away the old man who was the only hindrance into getting himself the princess that he wanted

She stared back in shocked
how could one perfect guy asked her with such question in a hurry?
“Jaejoong… I.. this is…”

“Sandara Park! Don’t you dare!”
her fiancee bellowed
Voice of hatred almost cracking every walls and pillars in the hall

her eyes twinkled with tears
She shivered with fear not knowing what will happen
but excitement filled her veins when the man she adored gave her another chaste kiss

“My Dee, I am begging you… say it. It is all I need”
he pleaded, almost getting down on his knees
and the look of love in his eyes was all that she needed as well
She nodded and said something so soft yet made his heart jumped with happiness,
“I do”

And indeed, it was all Jaejoong needed
“Thank you”
Kim Jaejoong stood up firmly
eyes thinning as it traveled on the gaping crowd around them
his beautiful fingers intertwining with hers.

“now may I know who I should ask permission to take away my future bride for a plane ride?”
His voice lowering with disgust as he stood in front of the great old man he wanted to kill by his own hands

“I believe it’s my great Aunt Park, Mistress to my great uncle Park Jungsu, may he rest in peace”
Park Yoochun chuckled,
red pouting lips curved up nicely as he pointed at one being a few tables away from his
All eyes followed towards a lady
Gown glittered like a precious jewel
hands slim and long but shaking

his beautiful eyes squinted as it zeroed in towards the Park’s mistress
“I’ll expect you at my lawyer’s office early tomorrow and make sure to bring Mr. Parks last will and testament Milady or i’ll sue you for maltreatment and abuse… I just realized, fairy tales are true. The evil step mother will always be an ugly piece of witch”
He hissed as he turned his back
well sculpted body hugged the other protectively

“how dare you insult me like that? I am Park Minha”
her sharp voice pierced throughout the hall.
Her shaking mad body stood leaning against a chair

“and I am Kim Jaejoong, Grandson of Kim Youngwon, only son of Kim Sangjoon, heir to the Kim empire, and soon to be husband of the beautiful Sandara Park”
His eyes squinted
“And I will see to it that she will get every justice she deserves”

The pretty young man held his love tightly,
gracefully making their way towards the exit of the door
His strode was fast
like he never wanted anyone to catch up to them
Sandara Park now belongs to him
She loves him and Kim Jaejoong just knew how far would he go for her

“Father, I found myself my love, wedding is tomorrow afternoon… invite everyone except for Mr. Lee Sooman”
He shouted with a smirk and continued their way towards the exit
where he found his three friends laughing

“Escape is sweet my friend”
Yunho looked up from his stare on the ground and grinned at his older friend
before finding the guts to smack the still chuckling Junsu.
“Oh… damn it Yunho! When will you learn courage and damn just rape Yunmi! Our Jaejoong finally found his love and in less than a minute he was able to get himself a wife!”
The cute guy kept laughing
while the tallest one’s nose finally emitted smoke whacking him harder.

“Kim Junsu! Tell me 5 years of pursuing your wife RiRin was not long?”
The long haired guy gracefully walked towards them
Hands on his pocket eying the girl who was wrapped protectively by her handsome love
“Noona, here I thought you were sent to azkaban to study magic”
He teasingly smiled, but was so apologetic.
“I’m sorry, I should have known better than to believe your witch of a step mother”

A clear pout from her lips was formed
“I was imprisoned in an attic Yoochun ah! I was treated like a mere rat, a slave. if it wasn’t for Butler Joon’s wife and daughters I would have been sent to Azkaban for exile”
her face lit up, eyes sparkling beautifully
somehow thankful to the people who gave her the care and love she’s been dying to get from a family.

Kim Junsu stopped laughing
Yunho stared in amazement
Yoochun smiled proudly
Changmin faced her with adoration

“I am Shim Changmin, I am pleased to finally meet Jaejoong hyung’s damsel”
His crooked smile graces his face
bowing perfectly to show his respect

“Jung Yunho, Pleasure to meet you finally Dara ssi”

“ I am Kim Junsu, your driver for today.. and oh. Hyunjoong called he said…. good luck?”


He watched her as she stood beautifully on his terrace
Hair flowing gracefully against the dancing of the wind around her
Eyes sparkling in reflection of the moon and stars that beautifies the night sky

How could he content himself from just watching her like that from a far?
Kim Jaejoong didn’t exactly knew what the answer was
all he knew is that having her was enough

“What exactly are you thinking?”
his arms snaked around her slim waist
wrapping her warmly in his embrace
lips kissing the skin on her exposed neck

“of all the pretty ladies i am sure been dying for you love….Why me Jaejoong ah?”

he chuckled
Pulling her almost shivering body closer to him
inhaling the sweet strawberry scent of the bath soap the two of them enjoyed a few moments ago
“do I need to have a reason for that?”

“yes, because you are Kim Jaejoong and I am just Sandara Park. I was the girl who was kept on an attic, away from everyone else, I was raised to believe that I was born to pay for my parent’s debts and I was taught that everything in life equates to money. But I was confuse, I would never give up the feelings, my love for you even if they give me billions of golds. Never Jae…. but….. Why me? I was poor, ugly and dirty”
Her lips pursed forward to a pout
a gesture that only made the young man love her more

He turned her around and cupped her face
his soft fingers traced her soft cheeks, admiring the simplicity of her thoughts
but loving the broadness of her love for him
“You are my destiny Dara. You are the most beautiful and the purest creature I have ever seen. And like those fairy tales I fell in love with you at first sight, seeked for you like those of hunters in love, and will be willing to protect you like those of black knights…. You are my Cinderella Dee and damn if I need to call my self a prince I will. because you are the poor princess that the prince is destined to love…. “

his hand stroked his face and caressed her flushed cheeks
gently wiping the tears which he hoped was caused by happiness
resting his palms on her neck, he stared at her brown beautiful orbs
admitting that he have finally found his weakness

he pulled his necklace and pulled out the ring out of the chain. Took her hand and slipped it back in her fourth finger

“I love you”
he kissed her gently and pulled back

“I love you back”
She leaned in and captured his lips again

And yes, Kim Jaejoong found his Cinderella….
the princess he will love
The lady he will protect

and just like a fairy tale….. they will live happy ever after….. or so they thought.

—The End—

Sequel anyone???
give me some love will you???


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